Over lockdown I have found myself drawn to podcasts and audio books as a form of company whilst I worked from home, doing the dishes or out for walks. Being single and living alone I missed the hub bub of office conversation and my family and friends who would provide plenty of colourful background noise to punctuate my life. I would usually fire Niall Breslin’s “Where is my mind” podcast on every Monday at lunchtime for my daily walk around the park or have a giggle along to “Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed” with Rosie and Chris Ramsey but as lover of theatre and drama I’ve also eased myself into audio plays. Now I’ve never been a great lover of the Radio 4 dramas but between the Lyric Theatre Belfast’s “Listen at the Lyric” series, the MAC Belfast’s “On the Street Where we Live” and Terra Nova Productions “Syria-Sound of Memory” I am being converted to a new world of soundscapes, tales and escapism.

However to use the colloquial phrase Three’s Theatre Company latest work “I believe her” is a complete different kettle of fish. Three’s Theatre Company are a young, vibrant new Company who create imaginative, immersive work. In reaction to the disappearance and death of Sarah Everard “I believe her” was created to voice something all women experience; feeling unsafe in the world. I listened to the piece after a night out with my girl friends and while walking around the usually buzzing Cathedral Quarter on a Sunday morning. I nodded along, the hairs on the back of neck stood on end and I even let myself smile at points, it’s an experience like no other. You feel like those anxiety’s and fears that you have at the back of your mind which none of us ever acknowledge in public are in fact a common occurrence that we are a collective. I encourage every women and every man to listen and experience this piece, discuss what you hear and hopefully we can all work together so the next generation can feel different, I don’t think we will ever stop sending “Did you get home safe?” messages but hopefully we can educate and inform and take steps in the right direction. Congratulations to all-female team for coming together to raise their voice and use their artistic talents to make comment and create something which is truly beautiful, engaging, uplifting as well as forceful.

Find our more about Three’s Theatre Company I believe her HERE.

This project is funded through a JustGiving page. Three Theatre Company would like to encourage those who listen to donate and spread the word. All monies raised will help fund the artists involved and support future, similar  projects.