Tinderbox Theatre Company like all companies this year have had to pivot and change plans last minute.

In this new production written by Louise Matthews and directed by Patrick J O’Reilly they have moved a piece of performance into a filmed production complete with an epic cinematic soundscape, a flowing ethereal set and some eye-catching costumes. Filming this piece in this way compliments the retelling of this very personal story and added some beautiful camera angles, the original theatre piece hasn’t lost any of it’s magic or edge if anything it makes the performance more intimate and striking.

With a run time less than an hour Immaculate packs a powerful punch. A beautiful compiling of correspondence, history and official documents. A touching and brave tribute by Matthews to her uncle Anthony (played by Rhodri Lewis) but not only to Anthony this is a performance dedicated to a lost generation, those who lost their lives to aids in the 80s. A generation who may have been painted unfairly by media at the time but who were neither a Saint nor a sinner and didn’t deserve for their records and their lives to disappear. A beautiful performance by Lewis with lighting which complimented the many faces of his character, the piece is visually stunning. Matthews pulls you into her arms and helps you see this story through her eyes with her beautiful lyrics, words and physicality.

An emotive, beautiful and creative collaboration which should be shared far and wide. Tinderbox Theatre company deserve a massive round of applause for this very vivid tale in unfortunately a virtual world. If you are quick you can catch the final performance tonight. Find out more on tinderbox.org.uk.

Emer D xx