We are off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz…

Well actually it’s 2020 so we are going nowhere but the front room, but thank goodness we have wonderful creatives like Creations Theatre who are able to transport us to new lands with the power of Zoom and a little theatrical magic!

Last night I was lucky to get a ticket to Creation Theatre’s latest online theatre piece The Wizard of Oz. Being one of the last pieces of live theatre I’m going to see this year and being a big fan of the original text and movie I was hoping for great things with this production and I wasn’t disappointed.

With a few nods to L. Frank Baum’s 1900 children’s fantasy novel, the audience rediscovered how there really is no place like home through this new 2020 adaptation, which is more 1990’s Nintendo 64 game than it is MGM movie thanks to direction by Gari Jones plus magical graphics and animated film by Ryan Dawson Laight.We are thrust into a video game controlled by a very fake influencer but fabulous and cackling wicked witch (Annabelle Terry), a bubbly diva good witch (Iconic performer Le Gâteau Chocolat) and some lonely lovelorn munchkins!

Dorothy (played by Chloe Lemonious) is a rebellious, adventurous but frustrated young lady who by taking her own path in life (not necessarily the yellow brick road) makes friends with a unresponsive computer tin-man (played by Tim Richardson), a loveable but clueless Scarecrow (played by Dharmesh Patel) and a cowardly lion we wants to be king of the beasts but who has one amazing mane (played by Simon Yadoo.) The three friends dance, laugh, break the fourth wall and take us all on the adventure of a lifetime as we encounter beasts, poppy fields and flying monkeys before we find out we have the magic all the time.

A fun, family friendly production with audience interaction and built in break out rooms if you want to converse at the interval (something I’ve been missing) perfect for these dark nights in, when escapism is much needed.

Emer D xx

Runs until 3 Jan 2020. Find out more and book your tickets here