The Grimes and McKee Christmas productions are a staple of the Lyric festive programming, always funny and very tongue and cheek. I’ve seen quite a few in fact I have seen The Nativity…What the Donkey Saw back in 2016 (read my thoughts on the production in 2016 here)

But in 2020 how do you provide this seasonal piece of entertainment when the theatres are closed? By a radio play of course! Does it lose any of the humour and fun? I can honestly say it does not, of course we don’t have the fun of getting dressed up and heading to the theatre for our seasonal outing but there are advantages to listening at home to a radio play. I listened at home with a heavy pour of Shortcross gin, in my pjs whilst writing Christmas cards but you could listen on your daily walk, in the bath or even in bed, how accessible is that!

Similar to the previous production Conor Grimes, Terence Keeley, Alan McKee, Tara-Lynne O’Neill and Kerri Quinn are back and in fine form and perfectly in tune with each other in this hilarious recording which will have you laughing out loud in your own home this Christmas.

Mary still works in the Centra and Joseph is still a carpenter working hard with wee Davy and it is still a very Northern Irish riot of festive fun but this year it is so much-more than the visual slapstick, it is a musical (or maybe you just pay more attention to the score because it’s a radio play?) with hilarious show tunes including I wish it could be Consensus everyday and the Fairytale of Consensus.

As expected it is also peppered with the usual topical references for examples Caesar Trumpious is replaced by Joe Bidenous and there is plague which has everyone staying indoors and don’t even get me started on the culchie shepherds or the innuendos!

To sum it up it for the 2020 audience, it is the perfect distraction and escapism to this crazy year, a fun production which doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Grab your ticket now on It is available to listen to at your leisure from 8th Dec 2020 until 5pm 3rd Jan 2021.


Emer D xx