Cahoots NI asked me to join their University this week and luckily I was able to fit them in around my actual University lectures which are now also online. The University of Ulster has been keeping my brian ticking over the past couple of months but Cahoot’s University of Wonder and Imagination feed my soul and my inner child.

With high value video clips, green screens and a whole lot of mind blowing magic Cahoots transported myself and my fellow virtual audience members to a beautiful universe of colour, intrigue, education and entertainment.

Arriving in this new dimension we are greeted by Professor Bamber ,Chancellor of the University (played by Sean Kearns). He was welcoming, warm, playful, cheerful and had the charm of a wise grandfather, full of fun and with a glint in his eye, nothing like any of the Chancellor’s I have met over the years.

Professor Bamber greeted us each by name and explained how we would move through rooms. We would meet new professors on our journey but how we proceeded however was destined and predicted by the Professor of Probability, Dr.Sharma.

Off we went to meet the beautiful Professor Sharma (played by Lata Sharma) she sweeped through the luscious setting of the Armagh Robinson Library with cinematic shots which could have been taken straight from a Harry Potter movie. She reminded us that life was full of chances and choices, we made our three choices and we set off on our way.

I don’t want to spoil any of the fun but her predictions are revealed throughout the production and she predicted my choices perfectly. My virtual audience choose rooms which contained Professor Danny Carmo (played by Caolan McBride) the well known Mathemagican, Professor Lola Hurst (played by Phillips O’Hara) in the Space Room and Professor Robert Huffam (played by Hugh W.Brown) in the art department.

Again I don’t want to give away any theatrically secrets so I’ll not tell you what happens in each room but all three are amazing storytellers, they are engaging, informative and their magic adventures and tricks elicit lots of ohhs and ahhs from their audience. How they build such a rapport through zoom is a skill in itself. Add in the imaginative story lines and beautiful soundtrack and they really do launch you into a whole new dimension and almost make you forget the reality of 2020.

Overall it was an engaging family adventure full of joy, colour and magic. Lots of wow moments, sincerity, and laughs. I would highly recommend you enrol in the University of Wonder and Imagination.

Emer D xx (BA (Hons), Pg (dip) and now the newest graduate of the University of Wonder & Imagination.

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