I’ve known Caitlin for a few years now in fact at one stage I was her boss! She is a fantastic writer, director and performer. She is a determined, creative and positive young women, who I’m sure makes her parents very proud and she does wonders for the NI Art Scene. I sat down with her to ask her about Lough Down Festival a drive-in Arts Festival happening at Belfast Lough on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September which features among other things Caitlin’s Monologues.

Tell us about the a Lough Down Project and how you became part of the festival?

Lough Down is a Drive in Arts Festival happening on the 26th and 27th of September. I was approached by Lois at MayWe about presenting something as part of the festival. During lockdown I was very fortunate to get Arts Council Funding to write and direct ten brand new monologues, and two of these will be presented live for the first time, as part of the Aisle Be Back event on the 27th of September. 

What safety measures have been put in place? 

MayWe have gone above and beyond to make this event as safe as possible! Patrons will be in cars, with the cars being separated by 2metres to allow for social distancing. There are specialist cleaners on site throughout to clean portaloos and these will be monitored throughout to ensure there are no queues. All staff will be wearing PPE throughout and observing social distancing and there will be hand sanitiser readily available throughout the site.

Why should we come to Lough Down?

Firstly it’s going to be a completely unique experience, seeing live performance from the comfort and safety of your car. And secondly you will be supporting the arts, and the many actors, writers, singers, performers and artists who’ve been affected due to the pandemic. 

Have you any words of encouragement for any working in the arts at the moment? 

Even in our darkest days, we have continued to find ways to make art together. Things will get better, I truly believe that. For now we need to just keep making, campaigning, persevering, connecting and most of all supporting one another. 

What’s next for you and The Monologues?

Who knows?! I would love to present these speeches together, whether that be as part of a promenade piece or in a theatre. Aside from that I’m currently working away on a new podcast called Trysts, alongside five other emerging Northern Irish writers which I’m very excited about.

Want to see Caitlin’s Monologues and a line-up of feel-good entertainment including music, comedy, children’s shows and arts while following social distancing guidelines from the comfort of your own vehicle. Find out more and book tickets at loughdown.eventbrite.co.uk.