Need a glow-up after lockdown? Fancy giving yourself a treat and rolling back a few years? Want plump, smooth and firmer skin? I suggest Micro-needling!

My local beauticians Beauty Culture Belfast invited me to try out their new BT Titan Micro-needling Pen this week and I thought I would document the results. I’ve had micro-needling before but that was a few years ago, (you can read about my first experience here) and at the time I was happy with the results but this new pen is a game changer it is a lot quieter which gives you a more relaxed experience, it was relatively pain free (just a little nippy over sensitive areas) and I had very little downtime plus the results are fantastic keep reading to see my before and after.

So let me start with the new safety procedures Beauty Culture have in place for this Covid Era.Prior to my appointment I received guidelines to follow in the salon and I had filled in health safety forms with trace and tracking plus other personal information. I arrived to the beauty salon with my face mask on, I was greeted by the staff all dressed in PPE (masks,visors,gloves and aprons).I have been a client of Beauty Culture for a couple of years now and cleanliness, safety and warmth have always been top of this business’ agenda. When I entered the premises I sanitised my hands and my therapist the award-winning Debbie took my temperature. Happy that I was well and showing no symptoms Debbie escorted me to the treatment room. Important to note I passed no other client or interacted with no other staff member on my visit.

Walking into the darkened treatment room with the tinkling spa music in the background I was instantly put at ease this was exactly what I needed this week. The treatment room was an oasis of calm to switch off and relax. I removed my mask and put on the freshly laundered robe provided and lay down on the clean treatment bed, cocooning myself in the comfy blanket provided.

Debbie returned to the room and we began the treatment. Debbie cleansed and sanitised my skin, then we discussed the treatment and what would be best for me going over my skincare routines, my skin worries and what results I would like. Then it was time to get down to business the first difference I noticed from the last time I had micro-needling is the lack of numbing cream, as this new pen and procedure is relatively painless it wasn’t needed.

We began work from the top of my head down, concentrating on my deep set expression lines and stamping (going over) heavy set points.Debbie quickly worked her way down my face checking throughout if I was feeling any discomfort or pain, which I was not. Micro-needling is a skincare procedure were fine needles are used to create micro channels in the skin which trigger an immune response, this means macrophages (the skins own clean up crew) go to the little needlepoint marks and remove bacteria, debris and congestion they find. The skin is then flooded with collagen giving that immediate plumping effect. Think of it as a natural Botox, all that plumping but no toxins are added to the skin. How deep you want the needles to penetrate is up to you varying from nano tips (which is suggested for younger clients and is more like a microdermabrasion) to 12 and 36 tips. Being in my mid 30s and in need of a little deeper treatmentI went for the 12 tip. Within 40mins the treatment was completed with a soothing, brightening and moisturising face-mask full of Hyaluronic acid to help repair the skin plus it had nifty ear holes and a chin strap to keep it in place (you can buy these separately in the salon to use at home and honestly I was sold!).

Debbie treated me to a head massage which you can also tag out to your treatment, I highly recommend you do. So feel all relaxed and renewed my treatment was over and amazingly I had very plump skin, looked like I had received a few mls in my lips and had very little redness.

Selfie straight after the micro-needling treatment.

I was sent home with a list of post-treatment do’s and do nots along with my mask and some intensive moisturiser. I was to go home put on my pjs, return my mask to me face and do nothing for the next 5hrs (bliss!) no gym,exercise or anything to make me sweaty! I was to use the moisturiser for the next couple of days but no AHA’s or retinol for the next 3-4 days and no oil, SPF or silicones for the next 24hrs! I wasn’t to panic if I saw flakiness or dryness that was normal but if I had any problems Debbie was just a phone call away. So I did as I was told went home and relaxed and made the most of my relaxing experience.

And here are my results:

With my makeup on Day Three!

It maybe hard to see from photos but I definitely saw a difference in the texture of my skin its smoother,firmer, more youthful and I see a decrease in my expression lines and fine lines around my eyes. All positives! Thanks again to Caroline, Debbie and all the team at Beauty Culture Belfast not only for this treatment but for there professionalism and friendship, I always enjoy a visit to the salon.

If you want more information or would like to visit Beauty Culture Belfast you will find all the information at

Emer D xx