I have exactly 32 steps on my staircase in my home. How do I know? I counted! Yup I got that bored in lockdown, however with all the freetime I seemed to have (not being a social butterfly) I also picked up a couple of new healthy habits. Don’t get me wrong this is not a preachy blog post written to make you feel bad if you didn’t learn a new skill, you do you. It’s just an honest recount of what I got up to inbetween scoffing bannana bread and watching Netflix.

At the start of lockdown a PR company approached me to test out the Pilates ProChair. I’m more a yoga girl I thought but I thought I’d give it a go for a week. Over 100 days later and the Pilates Prochair had taken up permanent residence in my living room and has only just been returned now as gyms reopen today.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ll be honest I didn’t use it everyday like I probably should have, but between walking up and down those 32 stairs and going to my local park to try and get my 10,000 steps a day it was a great alternative to get me off the sofa and get a good stretch.

The Pilates ProChair came in a really large heavy box and to be honest it was a little intimidating. However when I opened the large box I found it was really easy to assemble with a few clicks here and there.

It came with some handy DVDs to follow from Pilates Basics to Sculpt and Tone and I found more resources like Bums and Tums classes online. If you really wanted to be religious and lose some weight it also came with a handy meal plan and recipe booklet but I have to be honest I concentrated on the ten top movements and followed along a few YouTube classes. I am now a pro at the mermaid (a side stretch), mountain climbers and using my own body weight to do rows with the spilt bars.

I found it really easy to use and actually quite relaxing. Depending on my mood I either did a little pilates session in front of the TV or I slowed down altogether lit a candle put on some soothing music, did a pilates session and followed it with a few yoga moves and finished with a meditation session. So the question is what I recommend it to a friend? And yes I would, if your still feeling unease about returning to the gym or you want to ease yourself into a new workout regime this is the product for you.

Want to try it for yourself? The Pilates PRO Chair costs £229.00 and is available from Ecobrands via www.amazon.co.uk

As well as working on my body over lockdown I’ve been working on my mind. I’m very much a five year plan sort of girl but for some reason even before the global pandemic I couldnt quite settle my mind and work on my goals however during the first week of lockdown when I told a friend I couldnt sleep well she recommend I tried Niall Breslins Instagram sessions. I have to say I hadn’t really heard of Niall before that living in NI but I now have a massive crush on the guy because he has the most soothing voice and he speaks alot of sense. I’ve moved on to his very successful podcast Where is my mind? now and I have to say it has been a realisation that I’m programmed to be distracted, that anxiety is normal. It makes me laugh, breathe and rethink my busy life, every chapter is wholesome and perfect. Need a voice of reason and an oasis for calm, check out the series on Spotify today.

Whatever you get to this weekend be it a gym session or a relaxing walk in the park, have a great one.

Emer D xx