Hamilton, the filmed version of the Broadway hit musical launched on the streaming service Disney Plus yesterday and since it’s release I’ve been asked various times my thoughts on the recording did I enjoy it? Is there anything I would change? Would you recommend it to a non-musical fan?

So I thought I’d put my pen to paper and give you all a response. Firstly I would highly recommend Hamilton, the hype is completely founded, it’s an astounding musical combining hip-hop, Jazz, R&B and showtunes which will stay with you forever (seriously they are hard to remove ear-worms from One Shot, to Helpless to You’ll be back the melodies lodge in your brain) . The staging is thrilling, a masterclass in movement and the multi-talented original cast give it all their heart and soul. The production is a symphony of movement, the score a hit parade of thrilling melodies, rhymes and rap.

The plot is a previously untold tale of a founding father of America, an immigrant who peserved through think and thin, he was no angel but he was human. We hear of his upbringing, we see him make friends, meet his muse, see him fall in love with his first born child and we see him work his way to the top. But we also see him make mistakes, we see him suffer. The audience move from laughter, watching the pompous King George, to being on the verge of tears when we here of unrequited love, death and hardship.

The award-winning Lin Manuel Miranda created and stars in this Broadway production his determination brought diversity to the stage and he like his character took his shot to make a stand and make something of himself. Having just finished Michelle Obama’s biography Becoming it seems from her narrative that he had took a chance but ultimately ended up with prefect timing to launch his masterpiece into the world. His characters start real conversations which our modern society (especially in the current climate of 2020) needs to continue, conversations on freedom, legacy, reconciliation, war/conflict and taking action.

My only gripe, if I have to state one is I want more from the female characters, I love the Schulyer Sisters but were there not more female characters in this tale? However it is Eliza who ends up centre stage by the closing act after all she is at this stage a Hamilton. She was a defender of his works, a mother, and co-founder and deputy director of Graham Windham, the first private orphanage in New York City. 

Lin, could we please have a follow up based on the sisters, who did Angelica marry was she ever Satisfied? And where did Peggy go?

Buy overall I love Hamilfilm (as its dubbed online) this version lets us see the original Broadway cast in all its shining glory but on this #SavetheArtsSaturday I have to say I miss the impact of seeing it live in a theatre! Fingers crossed I can see its revival in a beautiful theatre soon.

Emer D xx