Happy “Blue Monday” supposedly the most depressing day in January but ever the optimist I’ve decided to give you a few reasons and few suggestions to help you shake of those blues and rename it “Magnificent Monday”! Ok so it’s cold outside and it’s dark when we get up in the morning and dark when we head home at night.  But there is light at the end of that wintery tunnel, did you not see that beautiful sunset last night!

Ok here goes:

  • We have almost made it to payday, just over ten days to the end of the month and as January payday always feels like its 100 days long surely that’s a good thing.
  • If your doing dry January well done you, but your almost there!! Why Not treat yourself to a night out the tiles, it’s been a while since Christmas so come on treat yourself ;). I recommend the Galgorm resorts newest bar Mckendrys it’s full of charm, cosy nooks and an amazing bar menu including their exclusive Galgorm Estate Gin and over 300+ whiskeys, the cocktails looked good as well!
  • It’s 20 days into January the New Year’s resolutions to get up and get to the gym are starting to wain. That’s a big positive, the queues to get the equipment are tailing off so why not make February the opportunity to grasp a quiet period and get some healthy endorphins running around your system. You will get booked into that gym class so try out something new; spin,body pump, boxing, yoga – go for it!!
  • Not feeling active? Never worry it’s still cold and dark outside so snuggle up on the sofa grab a pizza (calories don’t count at this point of the year!) and enjoy all the NEW T.V. I am loving the new series of Sex Education on Netflix or how about a but reality TV we have Dancing on Ice, Winter Love Island and the quirky but addictive Masked Singer! Come on help me guess,who is that hedgehog costume?!
  • Bank Holidays are coming just 58 days until St.Patricks day!! Get the new diary and get plotting what you are going to do with those little gems!
  • Need some escapism? It’s 31 days to the oscars! Get planning your awards party, go out watch some of the nominees on the big screen and get your crew together just for fun and guess what’s going to happen on the red carpet. If you listened to my last slot on The Vinny Hurrell Show, you will know who I’m betting on and how much I love award season!
  • Practice some self-care and give yourself a break. As my jumper says don’t hate meditate! If your not a fan of yoga or meditation how about just treating yourself to a long hot bath and some fabulous skincare and bubbles! I recommend popping into the new Body Shop store in Victoria Square pick up a fresh face mask and some of their amazing ginger shampoo (I love the smell!) Cleanse your hair, your soul and switch off for 30mins!
  • Oh and while your at it lets plan some summer hols, altogether now… “Oh we’re going to IBIZA…