When I started this series of blog posts two years ago I was going through a redundancy and wondering if my end goal of working in the arts was ever going to be achievable! It was at a time when I was at a crossroads in my life wondering how I could continue. If you read the full series on this blog you will know it was hard going and something I didn’t think I would still be struggling with in my 30s but I was! (Click here if you want to read the full story from the start!)

However I went freelance had some fantastic experiences with theatre groups, charities, community groups and foundations I meet some amazing business contacts, got some fantastic experience and made some lifelong friends. Freelance had its upsides and downsides its hard to switch off, you can’t have a sick day and chasing people to pay invoices is a nightmare!! (It maybe something I will revisit at a later stage, never say never) But through this journey I found my niche and eventually I found my arts work life mojo again.

It was a hard struggle at times and to be honest some days it’s still a struggle, I’ve made sacrifices, left a management level job for a lower level job, relied on family and friends and lost friends along the way but here I am now at my almost happy ever after…

I got the job!! The best words in world when you’ve been through lots of interviews and lots of rejection letters. I began my job in one of most well known theatres in Northern Ireland. I was joining the marketing team ready to enthuse everyone with my love of theatre and get lots of bums on seats through my digital marketing skill (honed through professional work and thus blog!) Now over a year later I’m still smiling, I’m still grafting and I’m still pinching myself that I get to work in this beautiful theatre.

However I’m not resting on my laurels, I have a career plan and this is the first step of many! So this is just a reminder if your struggling and feeling the Monday Blues today, change is good, it may not feel like it at the time and like me it maybe forced on you but you will grow and you will find the right path for you and if you ever need to talk to someone please feel free to drop me a message.

Emer D xx

Ps While I’m talking about my job, just thought I’d flag up my new disclaimer. I’ve been using this on my social and on my website since I got my job. So here you go:

I currently work as a marketing officer for the Grand Opera House Belfast so you may notice I am posting less theatre reviews on my blog at the moment. However any theatre reviews I do post will be shows which I do not work on either in marketing, production or direction. If I have been given free tickets they will be marked #gifted and if I have got the tickets from work they will be marked #workperk. Any content I have been paid for will be marked #ad.I would never want to mislead or have any conflict of interest. If you have any queries about this please feel free to contact me.