After a technical hitch and because I was gutted I was unable to attend because of sickness. The fabulous Melissa aka Roseinthecity put pen to paper and gave me a few words on how she enjoyed W5 Late- an adult only night at W5 Belfast part of the NI Science Festival!

Science, after hours and alcohol – a standard night at W5Late

I had the pleasure of attending W5Late on Saturday 15th February, the sold-out event runs a few times a year and is an adults only exploration of Belfast’s W5 afer hours with a licensed bar and lots of fun. From walking in my inner child was awoken, both at the fun of the children’s play areas but also at the science, the facts, the interactive MED Lab by Almac, and the humanoid “Robothespian” who greeted us from the ground floor. I didn’t know where to start!

As I wandered through the levels, I was rapidly transported to space to view the beauty of our planet in the touring artwork “Gaia” by artist Luke Jerram, then back down to earth for some VR simulations of the Jurassic period, through to the real world play area that featured a life size toy Spar and Donnelly’s Car area. It was brilliant to see adults clambering like kids up “Climbit”, probably helped along by a few beverages at the bar!

The night had lots of great talks and lectures, focusing around health, well-being, music, advances in sciences, to name but a few. My favourite of the night was Emer Maguire’s Science of Love talk. The science was factual but easily broken down for those not so… ahem science orientated, which is exactly where Emer’s talents lie as an award-winning science communicator. Interspersed with hilarious songs, like #Instabae (please look it up) she captured the audience’s attention from the beginning. Although her attempts at cupid with two strangers was unfortunately unsuccessful, despite us all rooting for them.

All in all, it was a brilliant evening, everyone I saw was letting loose and having fun, and who knew that could be because of science. W5Late occurs a few times throughout the year, so keep an eye out and get your tickets next time.

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