AD: I was invited to check out the menu at the Ivory Restaurant and was kindly gifted my meal.

The Ivory Restaurant is situated on the third floor of the House of Fraser in Victoria Square Belfast you would be forgiven to think that it only caters for shoppers and city centre workers but I’ve spent sunny days on the balcony eating barbecue and drinking cocktails here, I’ve also held hen parties and events here. And attended fashion shows and beauty demos. I have always received good service and great food so when I was asked to taste test a new menu by a new chef I couldn’t say no.

I booked myself in for a Thursday night at 7pm after work and brought along a good friend. I happily was greeted by a pleasant server who offered us some delicious welcoming drinks; she later explained that not only where they easily-drank but they were also vegan, a French-martini with a twist instead of egg whites they used chickpeas!

After time to read the menu and catch up with my friend we placed our order. I went for the Lamb Koftas with sumac grilled vegetables, pomegranate and cumin spiced Greek yoghurt. This had a bit of a kick that I was not prepared for, it was a large portion served with rocket,the cooling yogurt and pomegranates really balanced out the dish and it was lipsmackingly good and I would definetly order this again.

For mains I went for the scallops with pork belly served with parsnip crisps and greens. It was a beautifully presented dish, the scallops had been perfectly cooked and the tender stem broccoli still had a great bite. However I did have food envy my friend had ordered the oven roasted breast of chicken which looked amazing. Does anyone else do that?

Anyway I should make a confession now to another really bad habit. When I sit down in a restaurant and I’m given a menu the first thing I do is look at the dessert menu. I have a very sweet tooth and would skip a starter to have a dessert always. The Ivory has always had an amazing array of sweets; cheesecakes, lemon tarts and sorbets but the one that caught my eye this time was the chocolate fondant, white chocolate sauce and honeycomb sorbet.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the choice this time as instead of taking our dessert order, the waitress appeared with a dessert which the chef had provided. It wasn’t a chocolate fondant but it was some sort of cake with pistachio cream. It was nice and went well with a hot cup of coffee on the wintery night but as I said it wouldn’t have been my first choice. By this point we were the last in the restaurant and could sense the staff where ready to go home so we wrapped up and finished our night with a nightcap in a local bar.

I would recommend The Ivory for dinner, drinks or even just coffee and cake. And I will definetly be back to check out that chocolate fondant some point soon.

Emer D xx