Hmm trying to write a new blog post for the new year and read back over this from last year and have decided I want more of the same! More adventures, more love and more time with family! However edits I now have a fantastic new job plus a new niece and nephew to add to the list of thanks! E xx


OK so you have probably read a lot of these New Year blogs already in the first few days of 2017. I’m hoping mines is a little different but I’m putting this out there anyway. This year I’m trying to change my mindset. I’m trying to be more positive about myself. Easy to write  down but hard to say and even harder to put into practice. I am my own worse enemy I don’t like my body, I pull back when I should really take a chance, I say Yes to a lot of things when I should say No.I take the easy way out.

So this year I’m not beating myself up I’m not making new years resolutions. I will not kill myself in the gym over the next few days, or analyze everything to do with my career, or my lack of love life. I’m going to be…

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