Last night myself and my nephews enjoyed a night at the theatre watching Awful Auntie at the Grand Opera House they loved it, highlights from them fart noises, puppets and adventures up chimneys. However there not quite at the reviewing stage yet. So thankfully the lovely Avril Keys of A Life to Style fame brought her gorgeous little twins to check it out and this is what they had to say, over to you Avril!

Emer D xx

Awful Auntie

Tonight, the twins and I were invited to review the first night of David Walliam’s ‘Awful Auntie’ so I decided to task the girls with writing the review-after all, it’s for the kids isn’t it? Well actually, it has something for all the family and there’s one joke at the end that is strictly for the grown up’s! Cue lots of confusion among the children as the adults laughed their heads off. 

Back to the review, starting with G who has read the book.

‘I really enjoyed Awful Auntie’ & my favourite character was the Butler (‘Gibbon’ played by Richard James) because he did crazy things all the time like using a lawnmower instead of a hoover and baking slippers! It was so cool how the stage moved around and the owl was very realistic even though it was a puppet being held by a lady. 
The story was just like the book which was great as I wasn’t sure how they would do some of the parts of the book like the car in the lake but they did.
I would definitely recommend going to see it and give it 10/10. If you go, bring your pocket money as you can buy an owl bracelet after!’
WritingMeanwhile K hadn’t already read the book but she wants to now!
‘I thought the show was great and my favourite character was the Butler because at the end when he was supposed to bow, he was facing the wrong way!
The Auntie was not a nice lady and is actually a man actor dressed up. She ties Stella up and is trying to turn the house into an owl museum. But she was funny too, especially when she kept slipping on the marbles and falling over. 
There are some bottom burps and one Big Bang that gave me a fright! I would give the show 9/10. I took away one mark because I thought the owl should have been on an invisible string and not attached to a lady.’
And there you go! Immediate and honest – that’s kids for you. Definitely a great show to finish off the summer holidays on a high. Starring Timothy Speyer & Georgina Leonidas, It’s on until Saturday night at the Grand Opera House and tickets can be booked on this link:
*We were guests of the Opera House for this performance but were not obliged to share a review or paid in any way/