Mini Film Review: Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Love Mamma Mia? Well then get ready to fall for Mamma Mia Here We Go Again. I watched the film last night and could watch it again multiple times!
Cher, plus Abba, plus cheesy dance moves and a whole host of stars what could go wrong. I loved it! I was a heartfelt tribute to the original musical/movie with a storyline which is feel good but emotional! And dont even start me on the songs! Utter genius adding Cher to the mix! If you haven’t seen it yet what are you waiting for?!!

Emer D xx



Help I need Therapie!
What is your relationship with skincare…are you sensible? Do you wear SPF? Do you remove your makeup every night and cleanse,tone, moisture? I have to be honest I’m very lucky because of good genes, I have good skin I’ve never really suffered from breakouts or acne. My skin can be dry, freckled and some days I’ll even go days without makeup. So why the title you ask, why do I need Therapie? The answer my age and my vanity!
I was approached around Christmas time by Therapie Clinic to see if I would be happy to review some of their treatments. I was really intrigued by injectables; Botox and lip fillers. Who wouldn’t be, when we have the A-list running around with bee stung kissable lips and smooth foreheads. I’ve always been paranoid about the wrinkles on my forehead and my small upper lip. So I was intrigued at what could happen to me however when pursuing this option I reached a dead end.  The professionals  who always having your best interest at heart told me that because of a severe reaction to an insect bite last year I couldn’t proceed on this course of treatment without a doctors sign off. Although I was disappointed by this, I was reassured that the consultant would only carry out procedures when there is no risk and the customer would be satisfied. A big tick in my eyes.
Undeterred I had a consultation with Wendy in the Therapie Clinic Belfast to see what other ageless treatments she could prescribe. Wendy was informative,knowledgeable and she went through all my options in the advanced skin treatment range. We discussed skin peels and micro needling. She prescribed two weeks using the Image Ageless cleanser to prepare my skin, a peel to increase hydration levels and rebalance my tired skin and then a course of three micro-needling sessions to boast collagen in my skin and fingers crossed try and combat some of my fine lines and wrinkles.
So I was set and ready to go!!
My first peel experience happened this week. I was greeted by Niamh the specialist who was to carry out the treatment she had my notes and again discussed what I wanted to achieve. She the. Let me curl up under a blankets while she lavished three layers of a vitamin C rich peel on my face. The peel didn’t stung but I could feel a tingle as it was applied it didn’t last for long and the treatment was finished within the hour. I carried it out on my lunchbreak I had minimal redness and returned to my office glowing.
The first treatment seems to have plumped up my skin and left it with a lovely moisturised texture. I had no flaking or peeling afterwards but I was told this would be normal. I look forward to my next session at the end of the month which will be my first micro-needling treatment. I’m excited to see what wonders this treatment holds and to continue this chapter…
Emer D xx
Ps Therapie currently have there Peels on for 3 for 2 a bargain!! If you want to find out more or book your own consultation you can ring 0800 012 1565 or visit
*I have not been paid for this post I have been gifted the treatments to review.

Afternoon Tea at Roe Park Hotel

Have a special occasion? Celebration coming up this summer? Or just fancy a treat well how about one of my favourite things; Afternoon tea. Keep your brunch and your five course meals, Afternoon Tea is my favourite. With a little bit of everything sweet, plus savoury and a glass of chilled bubbles thrown in for good measure who can resist and in the opulence of the Roe Park Hotel who can say no!?


Myself and my mum were invited to have Afternoon Tea at the Roe Park Hotel last weekend as a birthday treat for myself (let’s just say I’m 21 again!). We were greeted by some friendly, knowledgeable staff who provided a fantastic service. They did not rush us or constantly ask if we were ok but they asked for our drinks orders, informed us on everything we ate and made sure we had a very pleasant visit (even sending us home with a doggie bag of treats when we couldn’t finish everything!)

And what about the actual tea I hear you cry? Well I actually had coffee and a lovely chilled glass of Prosecco but the tea was strong and the food delicious! I should note here they provided a full gluten free menu for my mum, she was elated.

We had moreish sandwiches with salmon and cucumber, turkey and stuffing, honey mustard and ham. We had warm fresh scones with jam and cream (and debated which went first cream or jam!) And then when we’re fit to burst we delved into the sweet layer macaroons, lemon drizzle cake, lemon posset and the most amazing chocolate dessert (the chocolate nemisis)and so much more!!

It was all delicious and we leisurely talked and ate for a couple of hours sitting on a soft sofa. If the sun was shining we could  have sat in the well manicured patio but unfortunately for this one day (in the middle of a heatwave) it was raining in the North West. But as this was the only disappointment in my visit and I will be back and highly recommend Roe Park Hotel for a visit and prices are also reasonable. Traditional afternoon Tea is £19.50 per person add Prosecco for £25.00.

Thank you to Roe Park Hotel for my lovely birthday treat!


Emer D xx

PS Top tip if you need to walk of all the calories afterwards Roe Park Hotel is actually very close to one of my favourite beaches Benone, so why not make a day of it 😉