What does success mean to you? In the last blog post of my Careers Advice section I discussed how you need to be determined to get a creative career. Just under two imagemonths a go I finally obtained a role which fingers crossed will be the first steps towards my dream job (I want to a run a theatre, I love the buzz and diversity of the entertainment business). So you may have seen from my social media channels I am now working as a Digital Marketing Officer for the Grand Opera House. I have wanted to work in a theatre since I was 18 and I’m chuffed.




You may have also seen I was asked by BBC music to speak on a panel at the Biggest Weekend Fringe talking to a group of 18-24 year olds about turning passions into careers. This was an eye opening event, I was amazed at how these young people knew exactly what they wanted to do and how they are going to do it. I hope myself and fellow panellists gave them a dose of reality but also the confidence to move forward, get involved and make it happen. So all these events over the post few weeks got me thinking what would you define as success?

I think success is something very personal to the individual. Some strive to obtain awards, titles and public acknowledgement. I won’t lie it was a pleasure to receive my DANI Award last year and to be shortlisted this year. I was also over the moon when I finally received my degree and postgrads. After years of working for my qualifications and on my blog it’s nice to be acknowledged. But I also think success has a lot to do with being happy and personal development. I loved to see my siblings get married and have kids. That’s something I’m still striving for.

I also think you change/develop your wants/needs and definitions of success as you grow. It’s coming up to exam time for school kids and university students; I always like to repeat to students what my mum said to me you can only do your best. Exam success is just that, your best academic you. Give it some importance but it’s not everything. Some people like me just aren’t fantastic at maths or spelling but I’m doing my best and making my mark in the world. I am super proud of my new career but I’m still finding my feet and settling into a new team. I’m also super proud of this blog but I know the website needs an update and I’ve been concentrating on my social media channels instead of content on here something I will be addressing over the next few weeks but I still think it’s still a success by all of you lovely people who still read these posts.

Anyway the point of this blog is to give you hope and confidence to move forward. To challenge your perception of success and ultimately to remind you that your life is for living and do what makes you happy and that truly will be a success!!

Have a great Sunday guys

Emer D xx