It’s almost the weekend the sun looks like it’s finally going to make an appearance so why not get out be sociable, grab some friends, get some drinks and what about tasting some of the best pizza in town.

Pizza Punks opened officially to the public last week and they haven’t been shy about being heard. In the bustling Cathedral Quarter of Belfast it’s hard to stand out amongst the art centres, pubs and clubs but Pizza Punks are no shrinking violets.

Think a restaraunt with an interior full of leather and neon lights. Fantastic street art on the walls by renowned Belfast Artist, Visual waste and staff who have that street punk look about them i.e tattoos, coloured hair and an air of arrogance but only an air (no Johnny Rottens too be found.) Pizza Punks staff are friendly, reliable and knowledgeable they beckon you to try this, order this, ohh and what about this. My kinda place!

And the food…delicious and rebellious. You think of something you want to put on a pizza and they’ll do it.They have every cheese, every meat, every pizza veg possible they even have toppings you would never have dreamed off. Think  Franks Red Hot Buffalo Chicken,Iron Bru pulled pork and vegetarian haggis (keeping to their Scottish roots.) The catch? There isn’t one they charge the same price for any size of pizza and its freshly baked in there roasting hot pizza oven.Are you salivating already?


How about a few hidden other treats like they are very environmentally friendly they don’t provide straws and if you must have one (for their famous punked up cocktails) they are recycled and bio degradable. Bubbles and wine come straight from Italy in the barrel and then poured into your glass! Amazing and if you seen my social media posts from the night you know it all tasted fab!!


What more can I say get yourself punked up for the taste sensation and stay for the cocktails!! I may have to pop back in over the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival week and maybe again this weekend, just to make sure their keeping up standards.

Emer D xx