Fancy something different for this Easter Bank Holiday how about jumping out of a plane at 24,000 ft. Not for you?  Me either I don’t think my Easter Eggs would stay in my stomach for long. BUT What if I told you you didn’t actually have to physically jump out of a plane, but you would get to tick skydiving off your bucketlist without flying anywhere.

PLUS It’s the biggest adrenaline rush I’ve had all year and I’m dying to get back. Want to know more read on and find out why I highly recommend Indoor Skydiving with We are Vertigo!


Ok I’ll be honest I have a really big fear of heights and it’s more that I don’t want to loose control, than where I stand  or how high up I am so when Jeff from Belfast Times asked me to come along to We are Vertigo as his plus one,  he almost had to dare me to take up the challenge and I almost chickened out. But I am so glad I didn’t so here’s how I got on and how the experience goes.

We sign in,  get our helmets and sign away our life’s (well a health and safety form to say we know what we are getting into) all very quick and easy with  very friendly staff but my nerves are growing.

Our instructor for the day welcomes us and brings the group into the training school. Here we watch a very funny but informative short video on the signs we need to use and the shapes we need to pull. I’m still extremely nervous and my anxiety levels are building. With nervous shaking hands we jump into our boiler suits put in our ear plugs and fit our helmets.


We walk into what can only be described as a large plane hanger with on oversized hairdryer. I am still incredibly nervous. When asked who’s going first there is no chance my arm is going in the air. So I let a few kids go ahead and then it’s my turn. No turning back now it’s like being at the top of a BIG slide you can’t chicken out you have to go with it (you can of course turn around and the guys don’t push) but for me it was now or never.

I walked out onto the bouncy castle material surrounding what looks like a big safety net. I stumble on the way out, yes I’m that clumsy and nervous but I had absolutely nothing to fear. I get myself into position facing the wind and my instructor helps me launch myself into the air and from this point on I am weightless.

I feel like Peter Pan and I am loving every single moment. My instructor is by my side keeping me right and moving me into positions to make the most of the experience. I’m just happy to be flying every nerve is gone and there is a massive smile on my face. If this is the rush you get from jumping off the edge and facing my fears why have I not done this before. I’m disappointed when my times is up but I will definitely be back for another go very soon.

So if you fancy something different for you,  the kids or how about recommending it  as a fantastic hen/stag do or Birthday celebration don’t delay. Give it ago this bank holiday I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Emer D xx

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