Elle Woods has her name in lights, her own pink parade and a Greek chorus line to support her everywhere she goes but love is what she seeks as she embarks on a Harvard law degree. Seen the film,loved the 90s fashion and the dance routines you ain’t seen a thing until you’ve see the musical.

Legally Blonde  Lucie Jones (Elle) Photo Robert Workman.jpg

Legally Blonde the musical is loud, proud and very pink. It gives its all and is a cheerleader to breaking down a few stereotypes but in a very tongue in cheek with streamers and glitter kind of way. We see a blonde who couldn’t possibly be intelligent, an Irishman who can Irish dance like Michael Flatley (queue the largest tricolour I’ve ever seen on stage in Belfast) because all Irish men can obviously dance and don’t get me started on the tanned, waxed, rainbow flag waving men who we question are they gay or merely European. No offence is meant to be caused but being PC is thrown right out the window.

Legally Blonde EllesÔÇÖ Greek Chorus Photo Robert Workman.jpg

A few other twists and surprises including some adorable pooches onstage (Beauty queen Gemma Garrett’s Buddy making his acting debut and stealing the show) and a gorgeous set complete with pink Barbie/sorority house make for a fun nights entertainment.

Legally Blonde Lucie Jones (Elle Woods), Bruisey (Bruiser Woods).jpg

The cast are tanned toned and beautiful; there secret this show is one hell of a workout. They dance they sing,they skip,parade,they cheer and twirl. The had there Weetabix for breakfast. I was particularly in awe of Helen Petrovna who plays fitness guru Brooke Wyndham. Talking about the cast we have an array of stars and an array of talent.

Lucie Jones (from Eurovision fame) fills the pink stilettos in the lead role, her vocals are strong and her quick changes are mesmerising. Jones is no shrinking violet she treads the boards with confidence and attitude. Matched perfectly by David Barrett who plays Elle’s love interest Emmett. Barrett transforms his character on stage from an oversized suit to the perfect adoring caring man.

Legally Blonde The Musical 2017-18 Hair Affair 2 Rita Simons (Paulette) Ben Harlow (Kyle)(1)Photo Robert Workman.jpg

Rita Simons (from Eastenders fame) was unrecognisable on stage it took me a moment to realise it was actually her as she plays big haired lovelorn Paulette Bonafonte and she brings even more fun and laughter to this over the top character.

And we all love a good baddie Bill Ward (from Emmerdale fame) presents the charming,smarmy unprofessional Professor Callahan but his character wouldn’t be a miss in the rat pack.

The production is flawless upbeat routines, colourful costumes and show tunes that just got stuck in your head. If you’re a fan of Legally Blonde or even if your not this is a production not to be missed.

Emer D xx

Legally Blonde runs until Saturday 3rd March at the Grand Opera House Belfast. Further details and tickets available at http://www.goh.co.uk.