Hi Guys, so Valentine’s Day is looming and of course I have been inundated with dates,roses and cards. Yeah right!! If you have read previous posts you will know I am eternally single (I get friend zoned really quickly and I’m actually very inarticulate with the opposite sex.) but this post and this new chapter on the blog is not about my dating life/woes in 2018. It’s actually to highlight things you can get up to all by yourself.

Don’t worry couples this chapter is not to belittle relationships or dare I say it start a revolution against LOVE!! I ❤️ love I am a hopeless romantic just searching for the right guy (and believe me I’m trying) anyway while I wait for him to come along here’s a valentines blog on treating yourself!!

The classic Valentines gifts are: chocolates,flowers, lingerie and a romantic night out here’s my plans and suggestions for embracing valentines all by yourself.


Chocolates!!! Ok I am a chocoholic so I normally have a few bars of chocolate kicking about the house although I try to curb my cravings and have a little bit of self control mid-week but at the weekend with a big mug of tea and a good film I can’t recommend anything better.

Suggestion: Treat yourself to a bar/ box from hotel chocolat the ultimate home for chocolate lovers. Download 500 days of summer and put on the kettle. Perfect! 



Flowers!! I adore roses and what’s more romantic than a dozen red roses. Buy them yourself!! They don’t have to be red and they don’t have to be roses but a bunch of fresh flowers in my house does nothing but raise my spirits  and they look great too.

Suggestion: Check out your local supermarket for the best deals my favourite is Lidl they have had bunches of roses and tulips from £3 daily.


Lingerie: Ok confession I  am one of those girls that like to wear matching underwear. I love to wear pretty sets, I love bows and I love lace. I don’t wear it for anybody but myself it makes me feel confident and happy.

Suggestion: Asda!! Yup I love Asdas underwear it’s comfortable,fits well and it is pretty. And look at the sets they have in this valentines. (The one above is for their two cups bigger range so perfect for enhancing curves!! )

Romantic Night:OK as a singleton this isn’t an easy one but why not surround yourself with those that you love and go for a few cocktails or a fun night out! Valentines falls mid-week this year, so why not toast the town with a few after work drinks or keep it for a man-hunt at the weekend.

Suggestion: How about a few Love Martinis in the Titanic Hotel Belfast take in the atmosphere, get a comfy seat in a gorgeous historic surrounding and enjoy. If your feeling flush book into one of the amazing rooms and relax as well. After all it’s Valentines Day why not show yourself some love.

So that’s my plans for valentines what’s yours? I hope you can all feel loved and in return send out some love into the world.

Love ya all

Emer D xx

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