She stood straight up,walked into the middle of the circle of chairs, opened her mouth and let out her admission “My name is Emer and I am a blogger…its been 4 weeks since my last blog post!

Ok, I know.. no need for the dramatics but as a blogger I feel like I’ve done something wrong admitting that. For two big reasons.

1.Colleagues, bloggers and writers reading this will be in horror that I havent posted in 4 weeks (jaws dropping to the floor). Yes I am shame faced and guilty,oh so gulity but I shouldn’t feel so, it’s not inactivity my social media channels are updated daily. I tell clients on a daily basis to be consistent (so I maybe a little hypocritical) but my blog is not a business it’s me on a webpage. Personally I think what you are writing is more important than constantly posting something for the sake of it. So if you have a bit of a writers block or you don’t have anything over important to say then take a deep breathe, relax and wait until you do.So this year I will continue to write when I’m inspired and have something to say!!

2. BLOGGER seems to be a dirty word at the minute; Blogger/influencer/freeloader whatever you wanna call it. If your an avid reader of my blog (are there any of you?) you will know how I started if not read this post:Careers Advice at 32: The Blog.

Anyway no matter how you started I write because I want to and I hope people read what I want to write.I get great interaction and people now turn to me for ideas on days out/nights out, where to eat and reviews before they buy theatre tickets. It makes me smile it doesn’t make my fame or fortune.

My relationship with my blog is like having a boyfriend he treats me to fabulous nights out, dinner,drinks,tickets to the theatre he doesn’t expect much in return a few hundred words here and there and more importantly he wants me to be there for him when he needs me and to tell people how great a partner he is. (In other words increase my readers/followers/content and tell PR people my stats.)

But I still love my blog, it’ been part of my life for almost five years now. And our relationship has grown and developed. I write about life experiences, adventures and all the fun I have in my life. Im truthful I also write and post about the ups and downs I hit along the way. It’s not to rub your nose in it, depress you or to make money or get freebies. Its just another way of me telling my friends “ohh did you hear about the new club in town….”

2018 will be no different I will write about things I’ve enjoyed theatre reviews and restaurant reviews. I will post things that interest me on my social media sites and I will be truthful at all times. My something for the weekend posts will continue (Something for the weekend: Tayto Park and the new Viking Voyage, so will more personal posts like my Careers Advice at 33 series (Careers advice at 33:Inspiration,Determination and Creativity) and my little travel experiences (Travel Blog: Sunshine,Sangria and Sisterhood.). But let me know if theirs something Im missing?! I’m contemplating writing an upbeat, funny single women in the city piece but we shall see.

So there you go my views and my blogging manifesto for this year. I look forward to what I get to write about in 2018.

Emer D xx