Laughter is the best medicine (including reviews of Spamalot and Threes a Shroud)

Well what a week that has been, I’ve had my ups and downs, have fought some inner demons, have hide from a storm and battled an unending cold but I found out that indeed laughter is the best medicine.

I started last weekend  (6th October) with a comedy set by Joel Dommett at the Waterfront hall in Belfast and I’ve been laughing every since so here’s a quick review of what I’ve been up too.


1. Joel Dommett, known to the masses for his stint on I’m a celebrity Get Me Out of Here and TV comedy panels played in the Waterfront hall as part of the Belfast Comedy Festival.

The Waterfront  is a large space for any comic, which Joel suggested looked like a spaceship but with a couple of jury boxes. He had a hard time coming to terms with the loud heckling Belfast audience and got distracted more than once or twice but  if you persevered it was worth it. The comic references moments in the jungle, little white lies and in his inner metal 15 year old and the build up to his final performance left the crowd in stitches, Il not spoil the fun but if you where lucky enough to be witness to this performance you will know what happens. If not I would highly recommend seeing the guy if he ever returns.


2. Threes a Shroud at the Waterfront hall. Back to the Waterfont hall I tramped on a cold, dark Monday night and appropriately on such a dark depressing night my mood was in tune to the funeral parlour set of this production. However this morbid play was anything but depressing. It was Northern Irish black comedy poking fun at everyone. No ones background was safe and being from Strabane I particularly felt it. Very tongue in cheek, offensive but funny the story quickly set the scene of a Protestant and catholic funeral parlour both  business’ struggling  to come out on top and both how shall I put it diversifying their business structure with some hiliarious outcomes. Add in some anatomically correct dummies and some cringey sing a longs by the talented Shaun Blaney and there you have it a perfect Northern Irish comedy with no filter! Catch it while you can this one runs until the 21st October and it is sure to give you a giggle however be warned its far from a family friendly show so maybe leave the kids and your mother in law at home.



3.Spamalot by the Ulster Operatic Company at the Grand Opera House Belfast. How do I put this in words. I loved it!! I found out I laugh at the most stupid things and it relight my love of Python. I want to be the lady of the lake with her shimmering costumes, pitch perfect songs and sarcastic asides. I need a pair of coconuts but overall I would love to see this production again, unfortunately it only had a short run but I can definetly see a remount in its future. Full of jazz hands,slapstick and hilarious show tunes Spamalot hit all the right notes for me!


4. Queens Comedy at the Mandela Hall. Queens Comedy is an institution it’s been running 25 years and I have attended both as a student and as a general member of the public. However this week, I got caught by Colin Murphy and became a but if a joke myself (nothing unusual there).  With that aside I had a great night giggling and watching Mary Flannigan, a guest spot from Shane Todd and being grossed out and highly entertained by the very funny John Lynn this week, The Mandela Hall is to be demolished soon so get in your dose of comedy and nostalgia quickly before it goes. And with acts like Joe Lycett and Tom Stade coming up you don’t want to miss out. Check out the latest lineup at

So that’s how I’ve got my smile back this week nothing like a bit of comedy to put you back on the right footing or to escape from the stress of life. Let me know if you have seen anything that made you smile this week.

Emer D xx


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