It’s October, the leaves have changed colour,the days have gotten shorter,colder and the nights have gotten darker. I’m excited as its almost Halloween one of my favourite nights of celebration. What better way to celebrate the season than to start the month by checking in to the home of the most fun,macabre family about the Addams.They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky…and altogether entertaining.


Forget the film and the sitcom, the Addams are back with an altogether new vibe and style in this musical with music and lyrics from the award winning Andrew Lippa what would you expect.

The characters are the same dysfunctional family; the vivacious Mortica played by the talented Samantha Womack who has the best pouts and sultry dance moves. The bi-lingual devoted Gomez played by Cameron Blakey brings in the big laughs. The strangely endearing Pugsley played by Grant McIntyre and the teenage Wednesday, Emo as ever but growing and maturing into a mini Mortica played by the very talented Carrie Hope Fletcher.

The production opens with a gorgeous set (full of hidden surprises, keep an eye on those pictures) and mesmerising costumes, lots of Halloween inspiration to be taken. Unfortunately we had been informed at the start of the production Les Dennis would not be staring in the role of Uncle Fester because of sickness. However Scott Paige (the understudy) slotted right into the role with ease being the narrator of the piece,he was both comedic and sympathetic to the story which unfolded.

The musical explores love and family, it is entertaining, engaging and the songs are epic. The dance moves and ensemble pieces are mesmerising. I especially enjoyed the Tango de Amor and Carrie Hope Fletchers solo in the playroom Pulled. What a voice!!


It would be remiss of my to finish this review without mentioning one of the stars of this piece although he had very little dialogue. The role of Lurch played by Dickon Gough was a memorable performance with a few grunts and some intentionally long drawn out movements. Gough had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand so it wasn’t surprising that the audience reacted so approvingly when he finally uttered a few fabulously low bass syllables. Amazing.

Unfortunately this production only had a short run in the Grand Opera House Belfast but I hope The Addams Family come back for another visit soon. If you have seen it get in touch and let me know what you thought.

Emer D xx