As the summer sunshine (the little bit we got in NI) starts to fade away I spend more time reaching for a bottle of tan. There are so many on the market at the moment it has hard to choose so I thought I’d do a few beauty reviews on tanning products that are made locally.

You may have read me gush recently about Bperfect on my social media sites and also spotted me with Bellamianta over the last couple of months (Il hopefully get a chance to come back and give these brands a full review) but the tan Im writing about this week was completely new to me and to honest be it seems to quickly be catching up with its Northern Irish competitors.


Lusso Tan is the brainchild of the beauty specialist who run The Secret Day Spa in Belfast. The ladies have been working with tans for years and know all the tips and tricks for getting the perfect sun kissed glow so they have come up with a 3 Step Ritual for best results.


I got my hands on Step One the primer, Step Two the tan (in shade medium) and Step Three the finishing touch boost (step one and two were gifted and I bought step three). You don’t need to use all three steps but if you love a deep exceptionally polished look the girls recommend it.

Ok so here goes Step one is the Primer which is meant to plump and condition your tan. Normally I would shower,shave and moisture the night before but because I had this primer I thought I’d skip that step. The formula is clear and goes on easy it’s a little tacky but I like the texture. Next I tried the Lusso Tan (the main event) I pour a little out on a mitt, it’s very runny and to be honest I wasn’t really expecting that so a bit ends up on the bathroom floor. But what I do like is that it’s tinted so you can so exactly where you have applied it. A small but goes a long way which is good as there is a lot of me to cover and I already look a little bit more bronzed. Its fast and easy and doesn’t seem to streak.

Heres a few pictures so you can compare:

Before ok I’m not completely see through but I’m a lot whiter than I want to be.

Straight after application getting a little tanner, definetly a glow coming through.

I give it two hours to develop and the shade does come through a lovely natural tan but I want to give it just another little tweak so I decide to use step three. (Plus if you live in your own and can only try to do your back step three is the instant bottle to chuck in your bag and get the girls to top you up before you go out.)


Final Result:

BEFORE                                        AFTER

I got a great even glow and it actually developed a bit more throughout the evening.I would recommend the Lusso tan if you have time to prep properly, work it into your beauty routine or your tanning Thursday but be careful when using as it can end up all over your bathroom but most beauty products in my hands do ;). If you try it let me know how you get on and what you thought of it.

Emer D xx