A pub in the West of Ireland with the wind howling at the door, the perfect setting for a few stories of mischievous fairies, ominous ghosts and to come to terms with an inner loneliness and void caused by life and death traumas. Conor McPhersons The Weir has been running to sold out audiences to great acclaim since 1997.

However personally last nights production didn’t quite hit the mark with me and I was disappointed. The last production by Decandent Theatre company in the Lyric Theatre was The Pillowman another dark tale but I loved it, last night I was hoping for more of the same. That tension and pace keeping you constantly on the edge of your seat.

Don’t get me wrong the performances by the cast, did have me laughing and with goosebumps at points but it didn’t seem to build to much. Each cast members tale was a monologue, the story and the conversation didn’t go much further. The wind and tension didn’t grow, the story tumbled on. It had a very sobering effect.

Strange considering the amount of drink being poured on Owen McCarthaligh’s dark and dinghy (excellent) pub set.


Maybe this story just wasn’t for me, having grown up in the Northwest of Ireland and hearing tales of fairies, banshees and ghosts which usually had the hairs on my neck standing on end, maybe I have just become immune or maybe this production made me sad as it struck a cord in the loneliness in my own life. Either way I’m not sure if I would revisit this production.

I’m sure this production will grow (after all this was review was on an opening night performance) and hit a cord with a new audience throughout it’s run but if you are looking for a night of light hearted entertainment this is not the production for you.

Emer D xx