Apologises all for the delay in posts but I had a few gremlins in a system. Some blog posts have just disappeared into the ether unfortunately. So I thought it was only right to give you all a catch up on my blogging adventures.

So where to start where to start I’ve tried Crayfish for the first time in IKEA.I have watched a holy trinity of shows from boarding the Holy Holy Bus at the Lyric Theatre to joining the sisters in the Abbey watching Sister Act at the Grand Opera House to having a musical epiphany watching two fabulous East Side Art shows. Below is a snapshot of what’s been going on over the past two weeks:


I seen this one last year and couldnt wait to get back to the nunnery. This musical has some of best vocal performances and some of the most hideous (on purpose).It makes me smile and tap my feet. The spirit of disco and sisterhood is alive and well.



This gorgeous lady, Dana Master sang right from the bottom of her soul and into my heart tonight. Stunning can’t believe I had never seen her before but thank you to the EastSide Arts Belfast  for bringing her to my attention!


Another fantastic night at East Side Arts Festival enjoying some superb acts in the Big Top. What at amazing location and what a great cabaret show comedy, a fabulously quirky harpist in the shape of Ursula Burns and some more amazing music from Manhuka Honey Blue which had the audience on their feet.


What an experience!,Enjoying ABBA,cocktails and crayfish in @IKEA yeah it was one amazing party in one of my favourite stores for home Inspiration. If you have t been I highly recommend it. Check out your local IKEA story for details you won’t regret it.


I went on a ride on the Brassneck Theatre Company #holyholybus perfect for a Sunday day trip. Fantastic sound track, lots of giggles and a gorgeous performance.‬ Highly recommend it for a laugh and it leaves you with that warm cosy feeling.

Emer D xx

Ps this weekend my brother also got married so it’s been all go!! Coming up on the blog later this week, keep an eye out for my review of National Theatres Jane Eyre and a pizzaerific something for the weekend.