A Cuban Revolucion has hit Belfast and I support the revolte!!!

Belfast is a hub of activity when it comes to nightlife there are plenty of things to see and do. So when it comes to opening a new nightclub you need to have something different, exciting and you need to make somewhat of a commotion on the scene.Revolucion de Cuba Belfast does just that.


It officially opened on Friday with a flurry of  feathers, salsa dancing, Cuban beats and a whole host of rum cocktails. I was lucky to get a preview of Belfasts newest hotspot (before the crowds commenced) on Wednesday.


I tested some of the rums on offer; they have one of the biggest selections from local well known rums right up to aged rums with a hefty price tag of £195 per shot. Until Wednesday night I only really went for a Bacardi or a Sailor Jerrys and coke. But there are so many different flavours out there. My favourite from the tasting session had to be the Bambu rum to me it tasted like toffee apples .


Drinks continued and we had a go under a very watchful eye of a trained mixologist to make some of the bars signature cocktails (coconut daiquiris, The Mad Hatter and one crazy dangerous cocktail The Nuclear Daiquiri, full of shots which tasted delicious but I’m sure it would leave one hell of a hangover).


We had a taster of the delicious food on offer in The Cantina some fabulous spicy chicken and tapas as well as making our own burritos the night ended with salsa dancing as we witnessed the bar being blessed by Cuban dancers.I throughly enjoyed my Cuban experience it brought a lot of sunshine into a thunder struck day and I can’t wait to return for more cocktails and dancing very soon.

Emer D xx


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