Dear Class of 2017

On this date twelve years ago I graduated with a BA Hons in Drama and English. The world was my oyster, graduation day was a day full of joy and celebrations with my friends and family.


However the bubble that was the safety of university and the dreams of large payroll jobs, homeownership, owning that sports car and having that Vogue lifestyle soon burst .What was I thinking I have an arts degree!!!

This isn’t a sob story graduates, I want you to hold on to your beliefs. This is a post to remind you that you are human and things won’t go exactly how you planned them but that’s life guys.

You may have a degree in a subject you loved when eighteen but you may have fallen out of love with it in the last few years but this is your opportunity to develop,grow and make changes. It’s not child’s play anymore now is your opportunity to move forward in life. Find that goal,find your moral compass, find the love of your life but be you!

Twelve years on from my graduation and I’m starting a new chapter in my career and everyday I come across new topics,new people and new opportunities. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the fresh,excited twenty one year old I used to be espically when your having one of those days when everything you touch goes wrong. Today being one of those days and the catalyst to this post. But remember graduate you are an adult now put on your big girl/boy pants and get on with it.

I wanted to write this post to prove a point almost to myself everyone is different,every life is different. Some people may walk into the career of a lifetime but some people take decades to find the right one just look at me.

So CONGRATULATIONS Class of 2017, if you thought the journey was over at graduation think again the ride has just begun.


Emer D xx

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