Beauty Review: Fake it till you make it!!

I’m all for the natural look but sometimes it’s fun to add a little sparkle and shine. Be it to enhance your looks or to make you stand out in a crowd. Before you get carried away I’m not talking about the full Dolly Parton makeover, no offence to the fabulous diva that is Dolly but what are your opinions on false eyelashes and glue on nails. The past few weeks I’ve been trying out some KISS products and I have to say I am impressed with the fake.

I’m very lucky I have strong long natural nails however they grow so quickly that nails designs and polish quickly disappear. I was apprehensive to glue on a pack of stick on plastic nails. I remember using 80s Barbie style stick ons which didn’t last a couple of hours never mind a day or two.



KISS/Impress manicure nails are different in fact I’ve being wearing a pair of gorgeous natural coloured glitter nails for almost two weeks now (since the KISS summer party).


They are chic are practical and I have had lots of compliments so much so I’ve had to pass a few pairs on to friends and colleagues.They haven’t moved an inch. In fact I may have to soak them off tonight before I apply a new pair these classic red gel set I think (below.) Ohh and did I mention thedesigns are fresh,quirky  classic but also bright and fun.



Now on to the lashes. I love having long girlie,flirty lashes however I have not been blessed with such. I have short stubby lashes but Kiss have a solution there strip lashes. I have tiny eyes so strip lashes normally are too long for me and no guesses these ones had the same drawback. However normally with strip lashes when I want that full voluptuous look I need to apply a couple of pairs but with the Kiss lashes I only needed a pair to get that natural but full look. I  have to be honest I need to experiment more with these lashes (after wearing the Lily lashes for a few days which I loved, I had an appointment for lash extensions which I booked six months ago) so keep an eye on my insta/snapchat to see how I get on with the rest of the collection when these grow out but overall so far I am a fan.

Pictured below myself and a gorgeous MUA at the Kiss Summer party after we just applied the Lily lashes.


Watch this space for further  beauty updates and let me know what you think of these products. Get your hands on KISS nails at Gordon’s chemist and KISS lashes at Superdrug stores.

Emer D xx


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