A Cuban Revolucion has hit Belfast and I support the revolte!!!

Belfast is a hub of activity when it comes to nightlife there are plenty of things to see and do. So when it comes to opening a new nightclub you need to have something different, exciting and you need to make somewhat of a commotion on the scene.Revolucion de Cuba Belfast does just that.


It officially opened on Friday with a flurry of  feathers, salsa dancing, Cuban beats and a whole host of rum cocktails. I was lucky to get a preview of Belfasts newest hotspot (before the crowds commenced) on Wednesday.


I tested some of the rums on offer; they have one of the biggest selections from local well known rums right up to aged rums with a hefty price tag of £195 per shot. Until Wednesday night I only really went for a Bacardi or a Sailor Jerrys and coke. But there are so many different flavours out there. My favourite from the tasting session had to be the Bambu rum to me it tasted like toffee apples .


Drinks continued and we had a go under a very watchful eye of a trained mixologist to make some of the bars signature cocktails (coconut daiquiris, The Mad Hatter and one crazy dangerous cocktail The Nuclear Daiquiri, full of shots which tasted delicious but I’m sure it would leave one hell of a hangover).


We had a taster of the delicious food on offer in The Cantina some fabulous spicy chicken and tapas as well as making our own burritos the night ended with salsa dancing as we witnessed the bar being blessed by Cuban dancers.I throughly enjoyed my Cuban experience it brought a lot of sunshine into a thunder struck day and I can’t wait to return for more cocktails and dancing very soon.

Emer D xx


Something for the Weekend: Time for some me time (plus a little competition for you!!!)

So far in this series of blog posts  I have concentrated on where to go, what to eat, different activites to do over the weekend. I love having an active life and living for every moment but sometimes its nice to actually not have any plans. To have a day/night at home and chill out. That is exactly the point of this post and if you read on you may actually earn yourself a treat of pure indulgence thanks to Bath Boards NI.

My tips for getting some peace and quiet at home. If you are a regular reader you will know that I am a 30 something singleton who lives alone, so to be honest I can close the front door  leaving the world  and its mother out there. However I find it impossible to switch off! I am a workalholic and since recently turning freelance I feel gulity for taking time out for me.  I’m sure if you are a busy parent or a carer you find this even more impossible but after reading this post lets promise  each other that we will try to get at least 5mins to ourselves everyday!! I will if you do.

So here are my top five things I love to do when I’m trying to switch off:

  1. Read a book!! I am a big reading nerd, I love to read everything I can get my hands on but the busier I get the less time I have to read. A work of fiction which I could have easily finished in a few days now can sometimes take up to a year. So I’ve been trying to put the mobile devices and ipads to one side at night and instead pick up a piece of fiction. It seems to have worked wonders for my sleeping pattern, even getting one chapter/or a few pages in at night. (Im currently reading Aliza Lights Leave your mark an interesting insight on landing your dream job and working in Social Media but I can usually be found with a good Patricia Scanalan or Meave Binchy.) 20292159_10159116977065541_950734185_n
  2.  YOGA!! Ok so anyone that knows me or has made me can contest I’m not the fittest person about and before you go Yoga is just alot of stretching theres no workout in the that have you actually tried it? Maintaining your flow or even balancing for a few minutes can be a real challange and break a sweat but in that hours class you don’t do anything else but think about your movements and breathing. Mobile phones are banned and peace/quiet mediation are the order of the day. I love it!! If you want to try it out try a drop in class. I highly recommend Flow studios in Belfast. They have classes for all abilites are friendly and you never feel judged even if you get half way through the class and want to stay in childs pose!
  3. A WALK! On the exercise side of things, if yoga isnt your thing why not take a stroll, dander, power walk whatevers your thing in some fresh air. I like walking on my own with head phones in and within reason to health and safety letting my mind go blank for a little while. Amazingly I actually come up woth more ideas and feel more creative after a walk.Trainers
  4. FACE MASKS!! ok I am not a beautican, I have no idea what I should be doing about skincare or multi-masking etc. Check out my  friend @thatskincaregrrrl if you want advice. But I have to say there is something satisfying about putting on a mask. You are not preparing to face the world its actually the complete opposite you are ready to hibernate. Very few people are allowed to see you with one on and it’s just pure indulgence. I love a good mud mask or a sheet mask one which is nurient rich and always find fabulously quirky ones at tkmaxx.com if not it’s off to Lush and while I’m there I pick up a few treats for tip number 5.image
  5. A HOT BATH! This point can incorporate points 1 and 4 and if you are looking I also like to have a little glass vino. To me their is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath. Don’t get me worng I love a hot shower in the morning or getting ready for a night out. But a hot bath with a good book, a glass of wine, some music and lots and lots of candles and I am completely in my comfort zone!!
  6. (HIDDEN BONUS: If this sounds like your kind of thing go on to my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/emerdblog like the page and like this post (the one with a link to this blog page) to be in with a chance of winning an amazing Bath Board from Bath Boards NI, the ultimate bathing tool. (it will hold all of the above at more plus it means nothing gets soggy!) A winner will be chosen at random when the competition closes at 9pm on Sunday 23rd July 2017.  UK and Ireland entries only.(Sorry will have an international competition soon)

So I hope after reading this you have a chilled and relaxed weekend. I would love to hear from you and how you relax? Let me know and if you enter the Bath Boards NI competition Good Luck.

Emer D xx



Beauty Blog: 5 reasons why you should visit Monet Hair, Belfast.

1. The staff: I have been to the salon three times now and I think I’ve made some new friends. A girls bond to her hairdresser is a hard thing to break but also a hard thing to make and cannot be faked. These guys are genuine,friendly and professional.At each visit they have put me at ease and left me feeling like the star of the show.

2. The blow dries. These guys are talented.I have very dry, coarse naturally curly hair you have probably heard me moan about it numerous times but these talented guys tamed,smoothed and styled my hair to perfection just see the results below.(Left coloured hair with waves, uncoloured with curls.)


3.It’s a one stop shop from beauty. As well as being able to give you an awesome hair style. Paddy McGurgan’s Makeup pro store has a pop up counter instore. So you can be red carpet ready as soon as you step out the door.

4. Location,Location,Location as Kirsty and Phil would say. Monet Hairs location is on the fashionable lisburn Road. It’s within walk distance to some of my favourite bars; Miet et Moi,The Albany etc. In fact The Chelsea bar is right next door.

5. The packages! Friday comes with prosecco!


They have an unlimited blow dry package, yes I said unlimited!!

The products they use can be personalised to your specific needs.I’ve tried the Kerastate treatment for dry/frizzy hair and love it!

Plus they have some exclusives for example the 16 week organic blow dry which has caught my eye.Imagine having smooth hair for 16 weeks!!

Ohh and if you are looking for a girls night out with a difference how about a beauty lock-in. Blowdries,bubbles and makeup for the perfect start to the night. Imagine the brownie points with the squad,what more could you want.

Emer D xx

PS A little birdie told me there are lots of BIG plans a foot for this salon. So if you want to try it out before it becomes the hot spot for the great and good, get booking in now!!

Visit Monet Hair and check out all there services on facebook @MonetHairBelfast.

Careers advice at 33: Class of 2017

Dear Class of 2017

On this date twelve years ago I graduated with a BA Hons in Drama and English. The world was my oyster, graduation day was a day full of joy and celebrations with my friends and family.


However the bubble that was the safety of university and the dreams of large payroll jobs, homeownership, owning that sports car and having that Vogue lifestyle soon burst .What was I thinking I have an arts degree!!!

This isn’t a sob story graduates, I want you to hold on to your beliefs. This is a post to remind you that you are human and things won’t go exactly how you planned them but that’s life guys.

You may have a degree in a subject you loved when eighteen but you may have fallen out of love with it in the last few years but this is your opportunity to develop,grow and make changes. It’s not child’s play anymore now is your opportunity to move forward in life. Find that goal,find your moral compass, find the love of your life but be you!

Twelve years on from my graduation and I’m starting a new chapter in my career and everyday I come across new topics,new people and new opportunities. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the fresh,excited twenty one year old I used to be espically when your having one of those days when everything you touch goes wrong. Today being one of those days and the catalyst to this post. But remember graduate you are an adult now put on your big girl/boy pants and get on with it.

I wanted to write this post to prove a point almost to myself everyone is different,every life is different. Some people may walk into the career of a lifetime but some people take decades to find the right one just look at me.

So CONGRATULATIONS Class of 2017, if you thought the journey was over at graduation think again the ride has just begun.


Emer D xx

ps Want to read about some of my highs and lows in my career skip back to my careers advice at 32 series.

Beauty Review: Fake it till you make it!!

I’m all for the natural look but sometimes it’s fun to add a little sparkle and shine. Be it to enhance your looks or to make you stand out in a crowd. Before you get carried away I’m not talking about the full Dolly Parton makeover, no offence to the fabulous diva that is Dolly but what are your opinions on false eyelashes and glue on nails. The past few weeks I’ve been trying out some KISS products and I have to say I am impressed with the fake.

I’m very lucky I have strong long natural nails however they grow so quickly that nails designs and polish quickly disappear. I was apprehensive to glue on a pack of stick on plastic nails. I remember using 80s Barbie style stick ons which didn’t last a couple of hours never mind a day or two.



KISS/Impress manicure nails are different in fact I’ve being wearing a pair of gorgeous natural coloured glitter nails for almost two weeks now (since the KISS summer party).


They are chic are practical and I have had lots of compliments so much so I’ve had to pass a few pairs on to friends and colleagues.They haven’t moved an inch. In fact I may have to soak them off tonight before I apply a new pair these classic red gel set I think (below.) Ohh and did I mention thedesigns are fresh,quirky  classic but also bright and fun.



Now on to the lashes. I love having long girlie,flirty lashes however I have not been blessed with such. I have short stubby lashes but Kiss have a solution there strip lashes. I have tiny eyes so strip lashes normally are too long for me and no guesses these ones had the same drawback. However normally with strip lashes when I want that full voluptuous look I need to apply a couple of pairs but with the Kiss lashes I only needed a pair to get that natural but full look. I  have to be honest I need to experiment more with these lashes (after wearing the Lily lashes for a few days which I loved, I had an appointment for lash extensions which I booked six months ago) so keep an eye on my insta/snapchat to see how I get on with the rest of the collection when these grow out but overall so far I am a fan.

Pictured below myself and a gorgeous MUA at the Kiss Summer party after we just applied the Lily lashes.


Watch this space for further  beauty updates and let me know what you think of these products. Get your hands on KISS nails at Gordon’s chemist and KISS lashes at Superdrug stores.

Emer D xx