On the longest and hottest day of the year the English National Ballet came to the Grand Opera House Belfast. My first impression of the company’s production of the classic romantic ballet Giselle was to be in awe. The grace and ease of the ballet dancers is to be noted. However instead of going on about how light on their feet these gorgeous, graceful ballerinas are I noticed in this production that the performance, the setting and the sheer chereography of the whole company was something to behold for example at one point there was over 20 dancers on the opera house stage perfectly dancing in time. The production team as well as the dancers should be commended the gorgeous set and lighting set the mood for this tragic tale.


The direction and  use of dramatic techniques like tableau and physical characterisation as well as chereography shone through.I loved the dancers mischievous glances, the flirtious little kisses and the stern warnings which crossed several faces.

As for the dancers, the lead Jurgita Dronina had me transfixed from her joyous leaps of excitement and love whilst crowned with flowers as part of the wine festival to her epic distressed heart broken movements at the end of Act One, I applauded to see her return to face Myrtha, Queen of the Wills in Act two.

The love struck Albrecht,Duke of Silesia perfectly complement Jurgita and his final scene was sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Overall these was an enjoyable, moving piece of ballet and I look forward to see the English National Ballets return to Belfast in the future.

Emer xx