Got kids or are you a big kid at heart want to go on an adventure, visit a Zoo, visit some dinosaurs AND go on some amazing thrill-seeker rides well the answer lies in Tayto Park!!


Tayto Park in Ashbourne,County Meath is fun for all the family. It has rides for all ages, all heights and all levels of courage.

It entertained me for a full day even though it rained; I met vikings, held a gorgeous little four year old owl. I was chased by dinosaurs in a 5d cinema and faced my fear of heights by going on some crazy rides so that is some achievement.


The park opened for its seventh season in April and is the gem in the Tayto Ireland business. Raymond Coyle founder of Tayto Park wanted to build somewhere to entertain all the family. He is very proud of what he has achieved so far and has plenty more tricks up his sleeve (keep an eye out for his birds of prey show and the new hotel coming soon.)

Last week he revealed the parks latest ride The Viking Voyage. I’m not the biggest fan of roller coasters but I am a water baby. So when I was invited to try out the new water based ride I apprehensively took a step forward. However walking through the Viking village complete with Viking ships,wattle fencing, thatch houses, village sound effects and viking artefacts excitement and adrenaline kicked in.


With butterfly’s in my stomach I sat in my Viking boat surrounded by friends and colleagues eager and nervous to know what was coming next. The answer 1.7m litres of water, 3 drops; one  of which goes up 12metres and one which goes backwards. Guess what I loved it!! Its a mix of fear,fun and speed.


The aftermath is below, just look at my face…and that 12m drop!!!


Overall I loved Tayto Park and will be sure to get back in the car to visit soon (takes about 90mins from Belfast)

Emer xx

Ps Heres a quick few snaps from the day.Comment and send me on your pics if you visit, would love to know how you spent the day.