Belfast Operatic Company performed an astonishing production of Jekyll and Hyde in the Grand Opera House this week. It was one of the largest productions I’ve seen on the stage this YEAR and it was a revelation; large cast,large performance and extra large voices.

The company returned to the Opera House after their successful production of The Addams Family earlier in the year,one which I sadly missed.

Jekyll and Hyde is a performers dream, a tale of two sides. Playing both good and evil. Karl McGuckin excelled in both roles playing the polite,perfectly polished gentleman that is Henry Jekyll with the side of devilish,murderous charm that is Mr.Hyde. With a few stage tricks for transformation and some magnificent renditions of the famous stage tunes it was definitely McGukins moment to take the spotlight. Alice Johnston balanced perfectly with McGuckin to be the love struck but fore lorn Emma Carew but the one performer who really struck a chord with me was eighteen year old Emma Martin.

Martin performs as the red headed woman of the night Lucy Harris. She is a fizzing firework from the moment she first appears in the production in a somewhat raunchy scene. Her voice and cherography were on point, in fact they where worthy of any West End star.She is a firecracker definetly a northern Irish star to watch.

Overall this production was professional, pitch perfect and entertaining. My only small criticism would be having such a large ensemble makes scene changes a little more ackward and not as smooth as some productions but I think we as an audience are happy to forgive this after all every member of this hardworking company should be allowed their moment to tread the boards.

Unfortunately the run of Jekyll and Hyde has come to an end but keep an eye out for the Belfast Operatic when they return to the Opera House as you will be in for an exciting, entertaining night out.

Emer D xx