From my last post in this series you will know…I had started to think of new ways to explore my career and look at new directions but what I couldn’t say at that point and what had been playing on my mind was…the fact that I was in the process of being made redundant from my full-time job. After eight years my life was about to change…


I’m writing this blog as both a cathartic exercise and also hopefully to share my feelings of this process with readers who may have found themselves in the same position. I have went through an emotional journey; I have felt angry, annoyed, agitated and ultimately sad as it is the end of a large chapter of my life.

Don’t get me wrong this is not a blog post to call out my previous employers. They have made a decision which makes business sense to them unfortunately I am the casualty of this decision but I am embracing this as a moment in life where I can make a change.

In my previous employment my life revolved around my career, I worked almost every weekend and mostly unsociable hours. So whilst everyone else chilled out I worked. Also whilst everybody else worked during office hours I ALSO worked as to be honest I didn’t have anyone else to socialise with and I’m easily bored. So I became a workaholic working most days of the week almost 247.

So this is a timely change for me. I will be honest I wasn’t happy about it at the start. Not only am I now looking for a new job but I’m also working on changing my whole lifestyle. Changing my sleep pattern, becoming more sociable (not only attending blog events) and deciding my next life steps.

So with that in mind I have been searching the job pages and catching up with friends. Lots of coffee dates! More importantly I have been retraining myself and speaking to people in fields such as the arts,entertainment and management. People who hopefully can guide me in the right direction.

One exercise I signed myself up for was a Creative Leadership workshop. A pilot training course set up by Wheelworks Youth Arts Belfast (check them out at I am so glad I took part in this day, we explored management skills and something which I found fascinating we took part in workshop challenges to explore our working/leadership personalities. I found out that I  am most definitely a people person I like to please and be social but I am also creative and can (when called for) work to a deadline.  I love working in a team with both creative and analytical people but I also have some bossy qualities!! It all made perfect sense to me.



So with this new knowledge and outlook I have been filling job applications and searching job pages. I think this new career choice could be a new opportunity for me so onwards and upwards. I hope if you are also going through this position that you find a new motivation and light at the end of the tunnel. Explore new opportunities you never know where life will lead you and be up to new training opportunities.

Emer D xx