Disclaimer: Readers you should know before you read this I am the ultimate scaredy cat. I have avoided every horror film since I was eleven and watched “It”.But that’s another story. So when I attended The Woman in Black last night I was being very brave.

The Woman in Black is the ultimate ghost story reminiscent of any local story handed down through generations. It is all about mystery,suspense and tension hanging in the air. Every member of the community knows the story but no one wants to speak about it.

The production is over 27 years old but still appeals to a modern audience. The narrative of how to perform and achieve theatrical magic runs throughout the production but we also get lost in the great ghost story. We forget that we are sitting in a dim auditorium and this is simply a retelling of a tale. The audience are on tender hooks listening out for the clues of what actually happened on the Moors.


David Acton as Arthur Kipps first introduces the story in a pathetic breathe but he bounds into his theatrical roles. Swapping between characters with such ease that you forget there are only two men on stage. Matthew Spencer as the actor performs the magic of the tale. He embodies the fear and anxiety of the audience and he controls our ever heartbeat through pace of his lines, lighting tricks and sound effects.

It is a great production which had me jumping out of my seat but also laughing at myself for my reaction at a few theatrical misdirections. I survived and I really enjoyed The Woman in Black.

Emer D xx

If you are brave enough The Woman in Black runs until Saturday 11th March at the Grand Opera House Belfast. Tickets available on http://www.goh.co.uk.