Brows are the must have fashion accesory of the last few years but to be honest I haven’t really put much thought into mine.I won’t deny I have used a lot of brow shaping cosmetics and love it when an MUA can give me brows as big as Cara but for maintenance I’m still plucking my heart out like I was in the 90’s.

So with an upcoming hen do to attend and in desperate need of giving my brows a good pluck I headed to the new Benito brow bar in Topshop Victoria Square Belfast.


Here I received a brow education in disguise as a brow appointment. My lovely therapist highlighted the perfect shape brow that I could achieve over time and we started on my brow journey. Benito use a threading technique which extracts the hair right from the root in time it means less regrowth. The therapists are highly trained and experienced. The treatment was quick and very effective. I also had mine tinted and they looked dramatically different. Check out the pics below.


Benito is a comfortable easily located brow bar which is in the main Topshop ground floor so you get your brows done well you pick up your weekend look. But unlike some other commercial brow bars it has a few luxurious differences. Instead of perching on a stool you are sat in a reclining comfortable beauticians chair and you are slightly hidden away from the general public. And my other favourite little difference with Benito brow bar as each therapist will also give you a shoulder and hand massage the perfect little treat to end your appointment. Needless to say I will be back to visit Benito as soon as my brows are in need of a little bit more TLC.

Want to find out more and read about there very affordable packages check out

Emer D xx