Have you ever come to a crossroads in your working life. Be it through decisions you have made or consequences out of your control. It’s recently happened to me. I’ve had to take a step back and look at my career goals and my skillset; my good qualities,my desires and my finances.

At this point I realised I hadn’t really addressed any of my main objectives in almost a decade. A quick look through my career timeline and I found something unusual.

Like all sixth form students I was given careers advice as a teen, in University I was trained on skills-interpersonal and academic which would lead to a career but after graduating at twenty-one I was on my own. Ok I had parental advice,information from older siblings and peers but it was up to me to make those dream career goals come true.


Since completing my post-grad that is exactly what I have done; focused on my dream job. My goal: working in Arts management running my own theatre, programming and generally entertaining the public. I am very much a people person and I love working, helping people relax, be entertained and learn something new about themselves gives me a buzz.So to get into this small niche it has been a challenge but I have come up with some amazing jobs and experiences on the process.

At this stage I have built up twelve years experience working with professional arts/theatre companies. But I also took a few side streets on my scenic route to me main goal. I have six years financal management skills (having worked in a top 5 retail bank) and eight years Operations/HR management skills running a large entertainment facility. I also have over four years of paid social management skills working freelance and through my blog.


Anyway this is starting to sound like a CV that’s not the point. What I’ve been looking at this week is my next steps! What training I need to undertake, what positions I should be looking for and what opportunities may be coming my way.In doing this I have reviewed some old careers advice. When I was student applying for University we all had to write a personal statement so I’ve been working on an up to date one. I’ve also just attended a new creative leadership course which had all participants revisit management skills and overall career personality. A very interesting day which I think will feature in Chapter two of these blogs.

And so my progress and this blog is to be continued but I would love to know your experiences of personal/career development?Have you come to a cross road?

Emer D xx