From the moment I stepped into the Opera House this week I knew I was in for a treat. The auditorium was lit by a sugar coated glow coming from the title on the stage and the gorgeous programmes which went with the production evoked childhood memories of fairies, innocence and sugar sweet dreams.


With this build up I was hoping for sweet dreams on stage as well and I was not disappointed. Scottish Ballets Hansel and Gretel is a gorgeous retelling of the Grimm tell with beautiful sets, lights and costumes. It is like something picked straight out of a “Disney” fairy tale but it’s also cheeky,funny and breathtaking. There are some mischievous characters with some amazing choreography (from the talented Christopher Hamson)  which you can’t help but laugh at but also stare with child-like awe and wonder.


This is a production which grew from an educational outreach project and it is very much a retelling of the story through the public’s eyes. I especially liked the embodiment of the pack of ravens as a cool hip gang reminiscent of the T-birds from Grease.And the use of props is superb one sparkle adorned cape was a sight to be hold and the ever present teddy told a tale of his own.


It would be remiss of me to not mention the dancers themselves who performed magic on stage. The company as a whole is fantastic and the principal dancers did nothing but stoke the fire of my imagination and make me lust over there elegant limbs. (How lucky it was for the 8  ballet local students who were cast to perform with this talented troupe on the night!) I think this may have been my first time witnessing the Scottish Ballet company but it will not be my last.

Emer D xx

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