Careers Advice at 32: Chapter One

Have you ever come to a crossroads in your working life. Be it through decisions you have made or consequences out of your control. It’s recently happened to me. I’ve had to take a step back and look at my career goals and my skillset; my good qualities,my desires and my finances.

At this point I realised I hadn’t really addressed any of my main objectives in almost a decade. A quick look through my career timeline and I found something unusual.

Like all sixth form students I was given careers advice as a teen, in University I was trained on skills-interpersonal and academic which would lead to a career but after graduating at twenty-one I was on my own. Ok I had parental advice,information from older siblings and peers but it was up to me to make those dream career goals come true.


Since completing my post-grad that is exactly what I have done; focused on my dream job. My goal: working in Arts management running my own theatre, programming and generally entertaining the public. I am very much a people person and I love working, helping people relax, be entertained and learn something new about themselves gives me a buzz.So to get into this small niche it has been a challenge but I have come up with some amazing jobs and experiences on the process.

At this stage I have built up twelve years experience working with professional arts/theatre companies. But I also took a few side streets on my scenic route to me main goal. I have six years financal management skills (having worked in a top 5 retail bank) and eight years Operations/HR management skills running a large entertainment facility. I also have over four years of paid social management skills working freelance and through my blog.


Anyway this is starting to sound like a CV that’s not the point. What I’ve been looking at this week is my next steps! What training I need to undertake, what positions I should be looking for and what opportunities may be coming my way.In doing this I have reviewed some old careers advice. When I was student applying for University we all had to write a personal statement so I’ve been working on an up to date one. I’ve also just attended a new creative leadership course which had all participants revisit management skills and overall career personality. A very interesting day which I think will feature in Chapter two of these blogs.

And so my progress and this blog is to be continued but I would love to know your experiences of personal/career development?Have you come to a cross road?

Emer D xx


Finding the perfect little Oasis in the heart of Belfast City Centre…

I apologise that this blog post is a bit belated but not to bore you with too much details but I am up to my eyes with work at the moment. (A little stressed would be an understatement). However I found the perfect little hideaway to try and reduce my blood pressure and stress levels in the gorgeous surroundings of the Orchid Thai Massage (thanks to my new OhhSocial app).

It is truly a gorgeous little warm welcoming place on Great Victoria Street in Belfast. I was greeted with a warm cup of coffee by my therapist who explained all and asked what type of pressure I would like. Then it was time for the hot oil massage. Lying comfortably on the massage table with subdued lighting and relaxing music I was transported to the beaches of Thailand. The hot oil massage was an amazing experience my little tiny therapist has heavenly hands. The strength she put behind every manipulation was amazing. The hot oil was an added bonus leaving my skin feeling silky smooth.


I enjoyed it some much I think I need to make this a monthly occurrence if not weekly. I felt like jelly when I left the premises and I had a whole hour of not overthinking but being completely switched off. I would recommend to all stressed city workers. Also as it’s very close to Queens University and it’s coming up to exam time any stressed out students as well.

I can’t wait to book my next appointment.

Emer D xx

PS It was incredible value for money they have some fabulous deals on right now as it’s their 1st Birthday and you can get even more of a discount by going through the Ohhsocial app just click the link below to find out more.





Theatre Review:Scottish Ballet presents Hansel and Gretel at The Grand Opera House Belfast

From the moment I stepped into the Opera House this week I knew I was in for a treat. The auditorium was lit by a sugar coated glow coming from the title on the stage and the gorgeous programmes which went with the production evoked childhood memories of fairies, innocence and sugar sweet dreams.


With this build up I was hoping for sweet dreams on stage as well and I was not disappointed. Scottish Ballets Hansel and Gretel is a gorgeous retelling of the Grimm tell with beautiful sets, lights and costumes. It is like something picked straight out of a “Disney” fairy tale but it’s also cheeky,funny and breathtaking. There are some mischievous characters with some amazing choreography (from the talented Christopher Hamson)  which you can’t help but laugh at but also stare with child-like awe and wonder.


This is a production which grew from an educational outreach project and it is very much a retelling of the story through the public’s eyes. I especially liked the embodiment of the pack of ravens as a cool hip gang reminiscent of the T-birds from Grease.And the use of props is superb one sparkle adorned cape was a sight to be hold and the ever present teddy told a tale of his own.


It would be remiss of me to not mention the dancers themselves who performed magic on stage. The company as a whole is fantastic and the principal dancers did nothing but stoke the fire of my imagination and make me lust over there elegant limbs. (How lucky it was for the 8  ballet local students who were cast to perform with this talented troupe on the night!) I think this may have been my first time witnessing the Scottish Ballet company but it will not be my last.

Emer D xx

If you want to secure some last minute tickets for tonight’s performance visit .




Single on Valentines Day…why not treat yourself!

I am an eternal single, I meet guys and end up in the friend zone quicker than you can say Boo to a goose. Seriously male population I have enough friends, if I meet you and I try desperately to flirt with you take note! I’m actually at the point of contemplating First Dates or Dinner Date (two of my favorite TV binges!)

OK less of my love life..with Valentines Day approaching and being a singleton I can find there is a lot of negativity towards the single life so here’s my remedy and my motto in life TREAT YOURSELF! If you see a gorgeous big bunch of flowers and you can’t remember the last time someone bought you some buy them! If you fancy that sparkling piece of jewellery buy it after all if you weren’t single think of all the money you would have to spend on someone else.

So here’s my Valentines gift buying blog and guess what these are gifts just for you:

  1. Candles and room scents! I adore nothing more than being in my PJ’s relaxing in the warmth of indoors surrounded by candles. They just make me feel so much more cosy. This maybe a girl thing but there is nothing more romantic,intimate and soothing than candlelight. My favorite candle at the moment (now that I have burnt through my Christmas stash) is Bog Standards Linen Candle and they currently have a Spring Sale on so get stocking up.linen-mini-candle
  2. Sugar and Spice and all things nice… I am a sugar fiend and well my favourite treat at the moment is Fudge, Granny Shaw’s fudge to be precise! I was lucky to be sent a box of this treat to sample and I have to admit it was fabulous. Sweet, soft and with some amazing flavours my favourite being the unusual Iron Bru , followed by the Rum and Raisin.Check them out at
  3. A new eye-catching dress!  I don’t want to be single forever. My pick for the month of love, this little black number (with the eye-catching detail) and this sultry red dress from the Fabulous Boutique. I feel more confident and happy when dressed up and it’s not dressing for anyone else but myself.Check out the details here .16426277_719058898270977_8258857348200896149_n
  4. Something that sparkles and shines always makes me smile. You may have  read my piece (What makes you feel confident?) where I talk about my Pandora heart ring which I wear every day and why I do.  This year I think I may spoil myself with the matching necklace what do we think? Check it a little bit of bling for yourself at
  5.  An alternative Date night! Who says we need another half to go out over Valentines. Grab your gang head out and see a play (check out my latest reviews if you need inspiration), grab dinner or my choice this year go catch a film. Although I am looking forward to the release of Fifty Shades Darker next week my choice this year is a classic; Dirty Dancing. Did you know that Dirty Dancing Turns 30 this year and to celebrate its being shown on the big screen on Valentines Day. I’ve my tickets booked and can’t wait. Check out if you want more info on this one.thumb-phpThat’s it guys, five simple things that will make me happy this year (and  I haven’t included roses, chocolates or cuddly toys but feel free to send them in my direction) and if you are feeling unloved this year just remember I love you all.

Emer D xx


Theatre Review: The Full Monty

It’s finally February the month of love so if you are looking for something that will get you hot under the collar then check out The Full Monty (currently playing in the Grand Opera House.) With a line up of familiar cheeky faces you are sure to have a good night.


The Full Monty tour hit Belfast this week with all the comedy showmanship and male bonding of the familiar 1997 film.Although slow to start it was obvious to see this is a very tight ensemble. In fact I did spot a little bit of horseplay in the wings. So I think the actors have been enjoying themselves on and off stage.However the audience can’t help but fall in love with this bunch of likely lads.

Gary Lucy plays the lead Gaz, the ring leader  who has a mischievous smile but a heart of gold. Kai Owen plays Dave Gaz’s best friend he has some of the most comedic moments in the play but also some of the most poignant. Struggling with coming to terms with his unemployment,depression and his marriage troubles. Both actors shine in these roles and despite jeers and whoops from the audience they are able to stay in character throughout.


I must also mention the touching scenes between Chris Fountain  who plays Guy and Anthony Lewis who plays Lomper.(Chris doesn’t make an appearance until the end of the first act but when he does he certainly makes a memorable impression with a certain appendage.).But his very touching scene with Anthony Lewis, allows these two actors to really show their talent.

Add to this the tales of  Andrew Dunne as Gerald with a few gnomes, Louis Emerick with one amazing dance routine ( watch out for the mash potato) and one of the cutest child actors I’ve seen and this is a quite a show.

Go get your tickets now and find out for yourself whether they keep their hats on, believe me you will be in for a surprise.

Emer D xx

The Full Monty is at the Grand Opera House until 4th Feb grab your last minute tickets at