Standing in the dark comfort of the audience last night my hands raw from clapping, my throat sore from cheering but my toes still tapping to the 80’s soul classics, I felt immensely happy to have witnessed The Commitments Tour.

Last night I tweeted it felt like a live gig and it did, an intimate one with one of your favorite bands.With my best friend standing beside me I felt like I had been transported back to my youth cheering on Take That or Boyzone. The actors seemed to enjoy it too, “Belfast do you want more…” of course we did.

Roddy Doyle’s American dream set in  the Northside of Dublin is full of Irish banter, love and song. From the opening number the audience laughs, sings and can’t help but cheer along the adventure of this hapless but talented  group set to fulfill the dreams of Jimmy Rabbitte.  His plan; to form a hardworking successful soul band (less of that art college vibe).


The production is fast paced and the actors work hard for their money, I honestly don’t know how they keep it up every night but they seem to love it. Brian Gilligan plays the front man rebel and egotist Deco, he has some of the most comedic moments of the production (watch out for the scene of him in his pants) but as soon as he opens his mouth to sing you can see why he was cast, that voice is phenomenal!!

The Commiment-ettes  also steal the show (and the limelight at times) with their remarkable renditions and their aid-lib Dublin/Belfast slang, not to mention their dance moves. If I could sing I would have loved to be up dancing on tables and joining in with these feisty ladies.

Glueing the whole production together is the father son relationship of Jimmy Rabbitte (Andrew Linnie) and his father (Kevin Kennedy). Jimmy’s father is full of quick wit and insightful music trivia but this relationship builds throughout the show to  immense pride and love.

Andrew Linnie is the linchpin of the production setting up like a roadie in scenes, warming up the audience and keep us all emotionally invested in “The Commitments the hardest working band you will ever see…”

Rush to the Grand Opera House and try and get a last minute ticket you wont want to miss this one.

Emer D xx

Production runs until the 28th Jan 2017. Limited tickets available at