So as it’s the week before Christmas,  I’m going to try and get a few more Christmas blog posts up. I thought I would start with a quick blog for mum,dad, aunties and uncles on suggestions of five things to do to help to occupy the kids the week before the big man in red arrives!

  1.  I love a theatre outings and I think it’s even more fun to bring kids and watch their reaction, a trip to the theatre is always top of my list. I’ve already  gushed about local panto’s and a grown up Nativity this month . But last week I had the chance to bring my two nephews along to watch The Gingerbread Mix-up in the Lyric Theatre Belfast. This is a production with song,dance and fairy tales. I watched my two nephews shout out responses,giggle, dance and be enthralled. It’s the prefect dose of magic for this festive time of the year. And this production is soo colourful, very eye-catching for all ages.Don’t believe me check out the fabulous Christina Nelson as the lovely witchy below.wicked-old-witch
  2. Take them to see the lights. It doesn’t matter where you live and it’s free of charge but kids faces light up when they see their hometown decked in sparkly fairy lights. I reside in Belfast. And I have to say at this time of the year it is a sight to be seen.Belfast City Hall
  3. Put on a festive film or even better take them to a cinemas as a treat and let them watch it on the big screen. I’m biased when it comes to this one as I work as a cinema manager but kids big and old get so excited to come in and watch a Christmas film. Especially if it’s a classic which all generations appreciate. Here’s my favourite
  4. Have some fun with an Elf. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my two friends Buddy and Belle who have come to visit me in work over the festive period but I was told by a beautician friend that there are so much more resources online. So I’ve done a bit of research and these are my favourite ones.,
  5. Cuddle up drink lots of hot chocolate and enjoy the time you have with your little ones they don’t stay little for  very long so embrace the festive session even if they do get over excited, be sick are a little scared of Santa Claus…. hot-chocolate

Merry Christmas Emer D xx