Disclaimer: This is a bit of a gushing blog post. I loved this production it was HILARIOUS (and yes I did put that in capitals) the perfect anecdote to the silly season which is upon us.

From the opening song with Mary working hard in the Centra to the fearful shepherds on the hill, this production had me in stitches. Tears rolled down my face and my stomach muscles felt like they had been through a full on workout.


Forget the kids school nativity play this year and get out and see this. The wonderful Pamela Ballentine narrates this laugh a minute production being the female voice of God and from her opening lines the mood is set.

Kerri Quinn is in the starring role of Mary, the role us ladies would have killed to have in primary school and to be honest I would love to have a go at this modern day Northern Irish version of the role too. Although the role of Mary is not for the faint hearted between none stop musical numbers and perfecting the comedy timing it looks like a lot of hard work but Kerri takes it all in her stride.


Terry Keeley plays Joseph the gormless lovesick joiner who  tries his very best to make everything work out but he’s completely out of luck. Terry’s boyband parody performance of that Christmas classic When a Child  is Born is a SENSATION and one of the highlights of the night.

The double-act that is Grimes and McKee never fail to make me laugh and playing multiple roles throughout this production the gents shine like the Christmas star. Add in the amazing Tara Lynne O’Neil with her own physical comedy performance and a new star is born.


So grab your gold,francancense and sudocream, pick up a dubious donkey on the way and get to the Lyric Theatre Belfast before it’s too late.

The show runs until the 14th Jan and ticket info is available at http://www.lyrictheatre.co.uk.

Emer D xx