Fancy taking a trip to Thailand without even boarding a plane. Then now’s your chance the fabulous Lady boys of Bangkok are in Belfast and are entertaining vast crowds nightly PLUS  Belfast has a new Thai Takeaway; Camile which has blown my socks off with flavors, spice and a friendly, quick service.

This year I finally got to attend the Lady boys of Bangkok, I have been trying for years but just haven’t been able to make time for it. So off myself and my little sister went. I had been told by a lot of friends and peers that it was a night not to be missed but I was still a bit anxious about what I would see. But by the end of the opening act I was left in awe of the sheer beauty and talent on stage. The figures, the makeup, the costume and the fabulous show tunes. It was amazing! I was just jealous I couldn’t join in! Unfortunately as I write this blog these ladies are soon to depart Belfast (my fault I ran out of time) and their final show is tomorrow night so snap up a ticket quickly and if not I would seriously put this show on your to do list for next year!

“The Lady Boys of Bangkok returned to Belfast this month with their fabulous new cabaret inspired show “Forever Yours”.   The show runs until Saturday 19th November and tickets are available from the Belfast Welcome Centre on 028 9024 6609 or alternatively online at


Camile  has always been a buzz word around the Dublin bloggers. With one of the ladies I follow claiming it as her favorite healthy weekly treat. So I was excited to hear it was coming to Belfast.The night I checked  out the new Camile  it was awash with  bloggers, influencers and some of the more health conscious  Belfast personalities I know. All checking out what was on order.

I was rushing from work and on to not one but two other events so I didn’t have much time to take in the ambiance of the Lisburn Road establishment. But speed and rushing customers  is where Camile excels. I placed my order after browsing there simple, easily read menu and it was delivered before I could even finish my conversation with two other fellow bloggers.  With a friendly, open plan kitchen I was able to see my dishes being prepared and the flair of the chefs from the kitchen. I do love a little bit of theatrical dining as I  like to think we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths.I ordered the Beef salad and it was delicious.

Set up by Brody Sweeney, founder of the O’Brien sandwich bar chain, the new Lisburn Road eatery  is the sixteenth for the group and creates 25 new jobs in the city. It is the company’s first foray into the UK market as the chain plans to open in London before Christmas.


I can’t wait to get a night off to climb into my PJ’s and get these guys to delivery this fabulous new addition and taste sensation to my door. And at least I won’t feel as naughty as with my normal Chinese takeout, as Camile is an award winning healthy takeaway and also boasts 6 fabulous dishes under 600 calories, I think that means I should try all six, what do you think?

Emer D xx