Holly Golightly is one of my favourite fictional characters she is a crazy socialite IT girl who is a tease but underneath her party girl exterior she is a little lost country girl in the big city of New York searching for love, warmth and contentment. I have a well leafed copy of Truman Capote’s book and a well watched anniversary copy of Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard’s performance in the 1961 Oscar winning film but until last night I had not seen the story performed on stage.


With thanks to American Holidays,I was invited to enjoy Holly’s New York lifestyle by dining in the gorgeous Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast before taking a front row seat in the sumptious Grand Opera House.

Miss Golightly is a complex character and last night she was performed by the stunning Georgia May Foote (Runner-up 2015 – Strictly Come Dancing, Coronation Street,). Georgia played Truman’s Holly as a brash,little southern know it all but with a naive charm. Georgia’s smile light up the stage and by the second act I was invested in her character, willing her to open up and return “Fred’s” unrequited love.


Speaking of “Fred” the charming Matt Barber (well known for his Dowton Abbey fame) carries Capote’s somewhat autobiographical story from the opening lines. He is the sweet but frustrated hard-working American who has been struggling with love,life and lust.

I should give a mention to the hard working ensemble cast as well,  playing several characters and updating the audience with news headlines of Hollys demise.Special mention goes to the vivacious Naomi Cranston for the role of Mag the crazy red head wing woman with her own eye on the prize.( I think we have all encountered a few Mags along the way.)

This is a stylish production which brings the novel to life.Please don’t go expecting the happy ever after film version but it is still a very enjoyable night and watch out for the well trained little fluffy ball of a cat that appears throughout. Now who want’s to take me to New York for breakfast and maybe a  little diamond ring ??

Emer D xx

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is at the Grand Opera House Belfast until Saturday 5th November. Get your tickets now at http://www.goh.co.uk.