As today is International Gin and Tonic Day;according to some online dictionaries (and just for reference to all my readers who like a little tipple National Happy Hour Day is the 12th November.) I thought I would tell you all about the new gin I encountered last week at the Ox Cave Belfast.

The Boatyard Distillers Double Gin was tasted and admired by various press and media in it’s raw form and with excellent hand-crafted cocktails on a warm October night under atmospheric candle light in Belfast.The cocktails were enjoyed and perfectly paired with cheese, crackers, tappenade from the Ox Cave and the assorted guests listened to Joe’s lilty Fermanagh accent tell us enthusiastically about his new baby; Boatyard Double Gin.

Working with local ingredients and with a bit of family know how this gin is the result of years of distilling knowledge (Joe has worked in the industry for over 15years) and local knowledge from  Fermanagh man  Mc Girr. Joe let us into a few secrets on the ingredients last week, did you know they forage sweet-gale  from the bogs of Fermanagh,  as well as sourcing the familiar juniper and botanicals (which he has also been experimenting with.). This gin is smooth and refreshing and for someone who is normally a vodka drinker I found it was easily the “tonic”. (I was also excited to hear that the second phase of the distillery will be focusing on  potato Vodka!!!)

The Boatyard is the first working distillery in Enniskillen since 1887 and I for one would love to go in for a tour. Joe encouraged us to pop in if ever in the vicinity. But don’t all rush at once as the distillery which is accessible by boat and foot will have it’s own visitor centre early next year firmly planting their feet in the landscape of the Fermanagh tourist trail. As Joe put it ““The beauty of Fermanagh, aligned to the craftsmanship of our distillery – well it would be a shame to keep that hidden from the public!”

I’m sure this brand and this distillery will become a jewel in Fermanagh and I can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for the company but for now I say raise a G&T to a new thriving local industry and a new distillery which is sure to put NI on the map and the gin doesn’t taste half bad if I say so myself.
Emer D xx