I love Italy! So far I’ve been to Milan,Venice (twice), Sorrento, Como, Garda and there are so many more areas I want to explore. I love the architecture, the beautiful people, the arts and culture but most of all I LOVE the food and drink. The three P’s; Prosecco, Pasta and Pizza. So when I was told there was a new Italian popping up in Victoria Square I had to check it out.

Zizzi, is Belfast’s newest Italian restaurant situated in Victoria Square, the trendy restaurant serves up classic Italian dishes with a unique signature twist. Points to highlight: their Vegan cheese pizza was delicious and they stock “Skinny Prosecco”. I also loved all their little starters esp. the meatballs I would go back to eat a big plate of those on their own ( delicious, moreish and with a bit of a kick). They also make one of the strongest Cosmopolitan’s cocktails I have had in quite a while.


I was in awe of this new restaurant it sort of popped up out of nowhere in a space which I thought was pretty much derelict.If your a Belfast Resident I’m going to start calling this area of Victoria Square the Italian quarter. If your not  from Belfast this new competitor has popped up in an area where their is a Prezzo and a Pizza Express.


But Zizzi is different it’s a bright airy restaurant with views out over Belfast and an open kitchen which means the smells of pizza baking just waft through the air.It also has an eye-catching mural by Local artist, Hannah Coates. The eye catching wall mural features an abundance of flowers, leaves and berries, with bright colours and sharp black lines to offer a stark contrast to the rustic ambience of the restaurant. As an art lover I was impressed that a  large company would go out of there way to find something so local and yet so unique.


On that night I got briefly speaking to Jo Fawcett (Zizzi’s marketing manager) who was brimming with pride in this new venture. She told me how they had been inspired by the seeds that had been sold on that very spot and how they wanted to give something to Belfast which was a little different. Ever element had been thought out. Plates which take the perfect Instagram pics, Menu’s with inspirational quotes and one of my favorite trends little rose gold accents here and their. Jo also mentioned their maybe a few more of these lovely restaurants popping up over time so watch this space.

I had a lovely evening in Zizzi and would happily bring my whole family back for a night out. Let me know if you check it out this week and what you thought.


Emer D xx