I don’t know about you but as the nights have been turning colder and darker. Ive been wanting to sit in front of the fire more, have my candles lit and watch some box sets. I’m not saying I’m completely giving up my social butterfly title but some nights it’s fun to stay in and chill. Not to hassle with the heels, taxis or squeeze in to that tiny little dress. And when I stay in I do like a tipple. I reach for a glass of white, a bottle of something sparkly or something chilled and satisfying this blog post relates to the latter.

Last week I had the pleasure of being introduced to the canned versions of the popular Ales and beers from the Franciscan Wells Brewery in Cork.Three of their best selling ales and beer’s have now conveniently been put into  a can perfect to take home and chill.

Press Eye Belfast

On Wednesday at the Dark Horse in Belfast, Shane Long, founder of the Cork craft brewery, Franciscan Well, which includes Ireland’s number one* craft beer Rebel Red in its range, announced that the brewery was bringing its award winning craft beers into canned format in Northern Ireland from September.  Rebel RedFriar Weisseand Chieftain IPA will be available in a 330ml can for the first time in off licences across Northern Ireland, with selected bars also stocking the product.  It is the first time Franciscan Well, which is brewed in Cork, has canned any of its beers and also the first time that Chieftain IPA will be available for purchase in off licenses.  The decision to can Ireland’s favourite craft beer range is part of an international trend which has seen rising consumer demand for craft beer in a can. In the USA, 30 per cent of all craft beer sold in the off-trade is in can format.  In Ireland, craft beer sold in cans accounts for around 15 per cent of sales in the off-trade and that figure is expected to double over the next couple of years.  *AC Nielsen ROI On-Trade MAT to end August 2016.

As stated before I am not the biggest beer drinker however I have been experimenting and I seem to be leaning towards this new IPA trend. So I couldn’t help but sample the Chieftain Irish Pale Ale, The Rebel Red Ale and the Friar Weisse, a wheat beer with flavours of banana, clove and toffee. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by all three but  I was pulled more towards the Rebel Red as it seemed to sweet and malty.

So if you are having a night in this weekend, why don’t you pop out to the off license and try a can or two. In moderation of course I don’t want to be responsible for your hangover in the morning.


Emer D xx