I can’t get no Satisfication though I try and I try and I try….lol. Ok so the song got stuck in my head but the sentiments relate to my weight loss. This week I got back to the gym and back to trying to be somewhat good.

Then I had a fashion show and afternoon tea which included some sumptuous waffles damn it. So the scales didn’t move much. But I am determined.Today is a new month and a me start.


I am going to embrace walk arounds the coast, I even might try and get out for a run or two. And this month I’m going to embrace some of the classes at the Culloden Estate and Spa has to offer. So keep reading and see how I get on and if I’m very good I may even treat myself to a spa treat.(The new Autumn spa treats look amazing!)


What are you going to do? Are you in a body blitz for X-mas? Let me know.

Emer xx