Ok, ok this blog post has been a long time coming BUT here it is. I am being completely honest here. At the start of the summer I had good intentions. I signed up for a PT session with the Culloden Hotel and Spa. I worked out a new training regime. I spent time in the gym, jogged around the grounds and altogether started feeling a lot more healthy rested and the pounds had started to fall off.
Then the sunshine came out the BBQs began, my diet went out the window and in it’s place, basking in the glorious sun with cocktails in hand. You’ve seen this coming guys, you have read the blog  posts, seen my holidays and all the parties I attended and the copious amounts I’ve consumed. Whoops! So much for shaping up. But like all good wannabes here we go again. It’s September a prefect time to get back to a normal routine.
So head bowed in shame, I’ve stepped on the scales (got a bit of shock) and I am returning to the Gym with more determination than I began. Although I may not be able to look the PT’s, receptions or manager  at the Culloden in the eye for a while.
I am going to embrace the treadmill, lovingly swing the kettle bells, work my way through the basket of “little workouts with a BIG impact” and find the motivation and determination to work my way towards that perfect LBD at Christmas. I can do this!!! Who’s up for joining me?
Emer D xx
PS if you feel like joining in check out my original induction blog and get signed up Shape up for the Summer: Induction.